Monday, October 5, 2015

Marathon Monday: RACE WEEK!!!!

It's race week...6 days until I am at the start line of the biggest race I have ever run.

How am I feeling you ask?

Which is weird because based on how I have been in the would think I would be more like....

I'm guessing as the week progresses I will hit my freaking out stage...but for now I will enjoy the sanity ;) 

Last year I was a hot mess during the 3 weeks of tapering. And when I say hot mess...I mean I cried frequently, I was very forgetful, I couldn't stop eating, and I spent every second convincing myself I was either injured or getting sick.

This year however, I have fully embraced the taper. I think this is most likely for a few reasons..

1) I.AM.TIRED! I need this break...not having to run as many miles each week has been a welcome change! In September alone I ran 144 miles...this is definitely a record for me...and when I saw this I felt so much better about my 8:30PM bedtimes ;)

2) I haven't put as much pressure on myself this time around. I have goals for this marathon...but unlike previous races, I don't feel as much pressure to reach my #1 goal. At this point I have successfully trained for a marathon during one of the busiest, craziest times of my life. In my long as I cross that finish line on Sunday I am happy :)

3) I can actually "trust" the training this time around. I know that the taper works...I know that even though I haven't been running long distances and my mileage has dropped drastically, I will be able to run those 26.2 miles on Sunday. I know it...because I have done it before. 

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have not really experienced the "taper crazies" like I did last year. I'm so glad that I haven't spent the last 2 weeks losing my mind and crying over every.little.thing!

Now, I know I still have 6 more days to fly over the cuckoo's nest...but fingers crossed this sanity sticks around!

Last week was glorious. Minus Monday, which was almost 90 degrees, the weather was absolutely perfect! Fall is officially here! 


5 miles + strides

This run was extra difficult because I waited until after work and it was almost 90 degrees outside. However, despite the heat and exhaustion from the day, I survived and managed to hit my splits :)


Rest Day!


4 early morning miles...I definitely won't miss my 4:30AM wake-up calls when this is all done! 


Rest Day :)


5 easy paced miles!

Definitely digging the taper! 


6 miles 

"Long run" Sunday was glorious!  


Rest Day! 

Next week's "Marathon Monday" will be post-marathon...EEK!!

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  1. Heather, I'm with you on ALL of this! I definitely enjoy the taper and, now that I've completed the distance a couple of times, I have less stress when I think about the fact that I know I'm capable of surviving 26.2 miles - ha! I think the fact that you are feeling nice and relaxed about this one is going to lead to good things on race day; I can't wait to hear all about it!! You know you're going to have to post an update on IG because I'll be dying to hear about your experience.

  2. Oh, and I have to add that I am totally going to steal this Kristin Wiig gif one day and also that I have downloaded and installed the Chicago Marathon app on my phone so I will be cheering for you (from home, of course, in my pajamas) every step of the way, once I figure out which name you've registered under...I will email you!