Monday, December 28, 2015

Motivation Monday: Encourage More/Judge Less

I first want to start this post out with a disclaimer...I am not easily offended nor do I get my feelings hurt easily. I am a "to each their own" and a "freedom of speech" kind of gal...however I came across something on IG last night that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. 

I'm usually pretty good at brushing things off...and like I said, I rarely, if ever, get offended...but I knew when I woke up still thinking about it this morning I had to get this off my chest. 

Last night while perusing IG I came across this post...

I won't get completely into the fact that it was posted by an influential/motivational blogger, whom started an online boutique (via IG) and promotes her clothing (again via IG) I won't get into the fact that she has made a name for herself with her blog and amazing weight loss story (gasp...through social media)

Besides the hypocrisy of the situation I felt disappointed in the act of putting others down (intentionally or not)

I know everyone is tired of having their FB, Twitter, and IG blown up with wraps, shakes, face creams, etc...but have you ever stopped to think about the women and men posting those things? 

Have you thought that these maybe these people are so passionate about a program or product that they want to share it with the world?

Have you ever thought about the stay at home mom (or dad) who is working his or her tail off to financially contribute to the family? 

Have you thought about the people who have quit their jobs and now stay home with their children and bring in as much money as they were before?

Have you ever thought how much courage it takes to put yourself out there like that? To take a chance on something? To put your all into become self-employed?

Now, I recently became a Beachbody coach...and that post on IG is why it took my so long to chase after this passion/goal of mine.

I was afraid...I was afraid to put myself out there. I was afraid of people saying "Oh great...another Beachbody coach"

I was terrified to make that first post on my personal FB page. I worried what people would think of me...I was worried about the eye-rolls and unfollows. 

But after thinking about it for awhile I decided I couldn't let other people's opinions of my decisions dictate what I say or do. 

I have a passion burning inside of me to help others...I have a passion for running and fitness that I want to share.

Instead of being embarrassed, I realized I should be proud. I should be proud of my willingness to do something put myself out follow my passion and make MYSELF happy. 

And so do you...and you have a right to do so without others making you feel bad about it. Now...I know the saying "people can only make you feel the way you let them" but let's be honest...words hurt and even the strongest of people "let" others make them feel bad.

Am I saying people can't post/have their opinions? No...because like I said "freedom of speech" and "to each their own" blah, blah, blah...

But I sure do wish people would spend less time judging and more time encouraging. I'm sure the post last night was meant to get a few chuckles and nothing more...but for some people it was an insult (meant that way or not) and for some it made them feel inferior or stupid...and maybe for some (who didn't go all Sensitive Sally, like myself) laughed it off and moved on.

I'm so incredibly fortunate that I am surrounded by a village of encouragers...and now that I have this off my chest, that is where I will place my focus. 

*Update/Disclaimer: I don't want it to appear that I am blasting said person online. I adore this lady...look up to her...and think she has a killer work ethic. We had a little IG chat and she assured me it was just a joke and that she was making fun of herself too. Everyone has a different sense of humor...again "to each their own" and like I said this is a well-known fitness blogger and I in no way mean to put her down or make anyone think of her negatively...minus this one little difference of opinion her and I are usually on the same page :)  


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