Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I just love, love, love the holidays! The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are my absolute favorite because they are always filled with lots and lots of fun!

This holiday has been no exception! We have been busy, busy, busy taking in every ounce of holiday spirit we can :)

Thanksgiving weekend AJ and I went out and bought our first Christmas tree and decorated it and the house. There is something so wonderful about Christmas trees and decorations!


And I especially love our new ornament this year, Thanks Aunt Nancy :)


Next up was one of my favorite traditions, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Holiday Homes Tour. 5 years ago my friend Erin (a Kappa alum) invited me to join in on her yearly tradition...and I have only missed one year since. It's definitely a must for the holidays. This year we rented a limo and our mom's joined in on the fun! Not only is this event for a great cause/causes it never disappoints! The big homes down on the plaza are incredible and when they are all decorated for the holidays they are even better!




No holiday is complete without a picture with Santa ;)


Now before you jump to any conclusions...let me explain...
AJ and I had taken Finley to our realtor's holiday party and we were trying to get her to pose for a picture with Santa. She was really apprehensive so I thought I would lead by example. Who knew they would get such a great shot? ;)

She still wasn't so sure about him...this was the best we could do ;)


After getting a safe distance away from Santa and waving and yelling "good-bye Santa" we headed over for "doonuts with sprinkles!"

Next up was decorating Christmas cookies. Fin wasn't quite sure why she couldn't just eat the spoonful of sprinkles ;)

The little cheese-ball was awfully proud of her creation...

We had discussed taking the cookie home for her mommy and daddy...but the frosting was much too tempting :)

After getting her all sugared up we took her back to our house to play on the play-set...because almost 60 degrees in December cannot be wasted!

We ran, jumped, slid, climbed, and played all that extra sugar out of her...and wore Aunt Heather and Uncle AJ out in the process ;)

Gracie was definitely happy to have someone to play ball with.


Building castles with the mulch and knocking them down might have been our favorite thing :)

As you can see...we didn't have any fun at all ;)

Last Wednesday we embarked on our first annual "PJ and Christmas Tree Extravaganza"
2015-12-09 19.12.53

We mapped out all the best displays in Olathe/Overland Park and set out for fun, hot chocolate in hand :)

Deanna Rose had a really cool display!
Frosty the Snowman (as always) was my favorite

Some of the neighborhoods went ALL out!!
2015-12-09 20.14.29

And some were pretty spec "tack" ular ;)
The route we followed was 25 miles long and estimated to take 70 minutes without stopping. We didn't make it to all of the displays...this year! Maybe that will be a goal for the future ;)
Lots more fun has been/will be had this month...but that will have to wait for a later post! I hope everyone is enjoying this magical time of year as much as we are!


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