Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Training Tuesday: Heartland 39.3

It's done...I've officially signed up for the Heartland 39.3 series this spring.

I would say this series is what started the madness 2 years ago. Prior to running this series in 2014...the longest distance I had run was 7.5 miles. 

After making my New Year's Resolution to run a race a month I  saw this series and thought "What the Heck, Why Not?" without giving a second thought to the fact that I hadn't run one half-marathon in my life and now I was going to run 3 all in the span of 5 weeks. What can I say...go big or go home ;)

Since then, I have run 10 half-marathons and 2 full marathons...I blame Heartland 39.3 ;)  

Unlike full marathon training, I absolutely LOVE half-marathon training. It's definitely much easier to fit it in to my schedule and not quite as hard on the body. My longest run last year during half raining was 13 or 14 miles...with marathon training my longest was 20...and let me tell you 20 miles not only takes 3 hours to complete...but it wipes you out for the rest of the day.

I'm excited to start half training...and actually I already sort of have. I have started my Hammer and Chisel workouts and started building up my long runs. I'm up to 6 miles and hoping to get to at least 15 before the taper.  And starting the first week in January I will start adding in the every important speed-work. The stuff I love to hate ;) 

While I am really excited to get started I am also a little nervous because I am basically winging it training plan wise...I had planned to use the RunKeeper plan I used last year to guide me a little bit...but it's no longer there!!! I only panicked for a minute or two before I realized that I have done this enough times that I should be able to write my own plan. I'm no expert...but after my success with Heartland 39.3 last year I feel a little more confident. 

For my training plan this time around I am going to take it one month at a time and listening to my body VERY carefully. I don't have a set rest day...since I am incorporating Hammer and Chisel and will be doing my long run on those rest days. I'm not set with this schedule I will make adjustments to my workouts, take rest days, and scale back on mileage if needed. 

I managed to stay injury free in 2015 (knock on wood) and the plan is to do the same in 2016!

Alright...so here we go...again ;)


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