Friday, January 29, 2016

6 months

The last 6 months honestly have flown by...except for the fact that when I think about our wedding and honeymoon it seem like AGES ago!

Especially with all this cold winter weather we have been having...take me back to Mexico!! Is it too soon for a repeat trip?

I would say month 6 was rather uneventful...just like I like it :) I don't like the cold weather in the winter, but I definitely like the slower pace!

This month we...

Celebrated the new year with family and friends...

We spent lots of time playing with our nieces...and AJ even got up the courage to hold Miss Norah ;)

And then we were brave enough to babysit Miss Sassy our house ;)

We painted the guest room...

1 less bright blue room in the house ;)

We also finished painting the trim in the hallways and got a few more doors painted...this will forever be known as the never-ending project ;)

My car had to towed to the dealership...and when I was really bummed about having to pay for a new level headed husband calmed me down ;)

And we got caught up in the phenomenon that was "Making a Murderer"

AJ loved it...I was not impressed. I felt that it was 10 episodes that could have been cut to 5 if they had done away with the slow dramatic shots of the car lot...4 million times. I may or may not have fallen asleep during a few all of the episodes.

Finally we celebrated our 6 months of marriage with a super fun "date day" filled with ice skating and delicious food and wine. What made it even better was that AJ planned the whole thing...who knew this guy was so good? ;)

My ice skates appeared to be on the wrong feet...this was not the case. However, you would never have never known judging by my lack of ice-skating skills.

This guy...Blades of Glory...was definitely pretty entertaining ;)

Part of the problem was the warm temps and hundreds (okay maybe 25) ice skaters. Once the zamboni came out to smooth the surface our skills improved...slightly ;)

Our traditional monthly selfie :)

After we were done ice skating we headed to The Grille for an early dinner...YUM, YUM, YUM!

Cheers to 6 months of marriage!


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