Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Training Tuesday: Week 1

My first week of training is complete...and I surprisingly feel really good. I did 6 days of Hammer and Chisel and 4 days of running including my 7 mile long run. My body feels strong...although slower...and I am dealing with minimal soreness. 

Week 1 went a little something like this:


I for the life of me can't remember what I did this day? I think I did one of my Hammer and Chisel videos...but I am not sure...and I have no idea which one ;) #BecauseWinterBreak


4 tempo miles at the gym. After spending almost 40 minutes in the car driving to and from the gym, I am thinking I may need a treadmill at home...next on my "to buy" list :)


Rest...this was my last "official" rest day. Like I said before, if not having a complete rest day starts to affect me physically (or mentally) I will make some changes.


 This was the morning it became VERY clear to me that I NEED a treadmill...like ASAP! I started with Chisel balance and I finished with time to spare so I decided to get my run in really quick (instead of waiting for after school)

 Not only was it raining, but I spent 2 miles dodging patches of ice. Not fun


 I know you can't tell by my face but Chisel Plyo is now my new favorite workout...mostly because it kicked my booty!! It wasn't fun...but I could definitely tell it's going to help work towards those big goals this spring! 


 Hammer Iso Strength followed by 3 sluggish miles on the treadmill...note to self...run then lift ;) Duh!


Sundays are Hammer and Chisel rest days and by default have become my long run days. While I did have a few moments of sadness that I wouldn't have a rest day...it felt really good to bust out 7 miles! 

Week 2 is going to be extra tough...I'm babysitting for a family at my school all week and trying to fit in 2 workouts a day, most days...and keep on my meal plan. It's not going to be easy, but between meal planning and waking up EXTRA early I should be good to go! 

Wish me luck :)


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