Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Training Tuesday: Week 3

Is it too soon to say I am feeling good about my training plan? No...it won't jinx me? Promise?

I have to admit I was a little hesitant when I first wrote out my plan for January and I worried that I was setting myself up for failure by committing to the  Hammer and Chisel program (6 days a week) on top of increasing my weekly mileage and running 4 days a week...but so far (knock on wood) it has been great.

Hammer and Chisel has pushed my limits strength training wise, and left me sore...but with the videos being short and super EASY to fit into my schedule I haven't been overwhelmed at all. I have had a few workouts where I can tell my body is tired...but I always make sure to run before strength training so I can make sure I am able to put 100% into my running workouts. 

I have had unplanned rest days...which I was anticipating...does that still make them unplanned? ;) I have been listening to my body and taking complete days off as well as running and skipping one of my HC workouts. I am a part of a challenge/test group which is 60 days and I am attempting to stick with the plan as much as possible...but like I mentioned before running and getting ready for my races takes priority :) 

Getting back into my routine this week sans kiddos was definitely a breath of fresh air...it was nice not having to plan my workouts around after school activities and not having a 4AM wake-up call was really nice!
Monday- 6 miles + Hammer Power

 I was still fighting a head cold last weekend so I decided to move my long run to Monday since we were off for MLK day. Unfortunately, when I got up that morning wouldn't start...

I then spent some time in a tow truck....

and luckily once I got to the dealership they set me up with a loaner car pretty quickly and I headed to the gym for 6 miles on the treadmill.

As if I hadn't released enough of my frustration at the gym, I came home and finished it off with Hammer Power and busted out these bad boys...the 20lb weights...not my muscles...obviously ;)

Tuesday- Chisel Agility

No photo proof...did it even happen?

Wednesday- 6 miles + Hammer Conditioning

After a few weeks of cold, ice, and snow...dare I say...the treadmill is growing on me?

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- Total Body Hammer

I totally killed it in the photo documentation department this week ;)

Friday-  4 miles (HC Rest Day)

Saturday- Rest Day

This was totally unplanned...but I was out running errands early in the morning and things ended up taking a little longer than anticipated. An extra rest day here and there never hurt anyone, right? ;) 

Sunday- 8 miles + Max Hammer Strength

8 treadmill miles followed by stretches that made everyone at the gym look at me weird ;) 


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