Friday, February 19, 2016

Setbacks, Frustrations, and a Change of Plans

49 days? 49 short days until my first race of the Heartland 39.3 "goal" race. The race in which I wanted to get a PR and run a sub 1:40 half marathon.

As I sit here today...I know for a fact that I won't be ready. I know that I have had some set backs in the last month in a half that took me off track and have left me nowhere near my ideal "race shape" 

I would like to say I am devastated...but that isn't quite the case. Of course I am disappointed...but for some reason or another I seem to have lost a bit of my "fire" and motivation. 

The last month in a half has found me sick or not feeling well more days than not. While I am not a fan of I am making them. I can push through a lot of things...I can fit workouts into the busiest of schedules...but what I can do is push my tired worn out body to do things it just refuses to do.

I have mostly maintained my weekly mileage, but my pace...ick....let's not go there. Let's just say that my goal race pace of 7:30 min miles is a long shot at this point.

For awhile I thought about just throwing in the towel and just running the series for fun...and for the sweet 3rd year finishers jacket ;) 

However, that is not me...I'm competitive...I like to push myself...I like to set goals....and now that I am feeling mostly better I have decided to pick up the intensity of my workouts starting now.

I knew going into these races that I wasn't going to make all 3 races "goal races" and that I was just going to pick one to try and run a sub 1:40...and then take the other 2 a little easier.

Does it have to be Rock the Parkway? No...absolutely not. I chose that race in the beginning because it was the first one and I figured I would be in tip top shape at that point and wouldn't have to worry about being run down from the other races. 

Since I won't be ready for RTP on April 9th I have decided to make Running with the Cows on May 14th my goal race.

This gives me an extra month to get ready...I can use Rock the Parkway and Garmin as training runs and truly set myself up for success in May :)

I'm feeling much better about things now...although I have to admit I am a little worried that I still won't be ready. Being sick has made it really hard to enjoy running...especially running I am hoping to see a major shift in my attitude and desire in the next week or so...Wish me luck!


  1. I totally feel ya. While this foot injury is allowing me to run, it isn't allowing me to do hills or speed work so I will be right with ya! Goal race RWTC!!!!