Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Word: Triumphant

Triumphant [trahy-uhm-fuh nt]


1. Having achieved victory or success; victorious; successful.
2. Exulting over victory; rejoicing over success; exultant.

I often get asked "Why do you run?" which is then usually followed by the person asking me this question admitting that they would only run if there were being chased ;)

I have to chuckle...because I get it. I get that not everyone likes to run...and I get that people think I am crazy for paying to run 26.2 miles...for fun ;)

However, I wish I could put into words is my "WHY" 
I wish I could put into words the feeling you get after running a distance you've never run before...the thrill of getting a PR, or the euphoria you feel as you cross the finish line of your first...and second marathon. 

A word that comes close to describing those feelings for me is triumphant...
The word triumphant is such a powerful word because it doesn't mean "winning" or "beating someone else" it means success and victory and celebrating in that.
Running has given me many triumphant moments that had nothing to do with winning or beating anyone else...

Crossing the finish line of the Rock the Parkway half marathon for the 2nd time was one of the most triumphant moments in running I have ever had. In 2014...I let RTP defeat was my first half-marathon and I had trained my ass off only to hit a wall and limp across the finish line feeling defeated. 
In 2015...not only did I avoid that dreaded wall...but I beat my time from the year before (by over 10 minutes) and ran a sub 1:45 half marathon (1:42) 

Running my first marathon was another moment of triumph for me...especially that humbling moment after I crossed the finish line and realized how many people I have in my life that love me and support my crazy running adventures :)

Crossing the finish line of the freaking Chicago Marathon and realizing I hit my goal of running a sub 4 about feeling triumphant.

So I guess I can say my "WHY" is for those moments...those times where I felt triumphant. However, not all of my triumphant moments are shiny and pretty...and that feeling of triumph isn't immediate...
Like those moments when I wanted to quit...but didn't...the moments where I pushed through a tough run...the moments where I  got up at 4AM instead of sleeping in...those times I sacrificed a fun night out with friends for an early morning long run...those unseen moments where for the moment frustration or exhaustion win out over the feeling of triumph...

However...the great thing about running is...those moments don't last and those moments of triumph...those feelings as you cross the finish line...those moments of indescribable joy...they win out every time...and they are worth every second of pain.

So tell me...what makes you feel triumphant?

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  1. Same as you. Every single time I cross the finish line. Even if it only a 5k.

  2. You've had some fabulous race times and deserve feeling triumphant; however, you're correct in that it's not about the time, but about how it "means success and victory and celebrating in that."

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I feel triumphant after every finish line...after every long run...after holding a balance pose in yoga...after PRing at CrossFit. Lots of triumph in fitness!