Friday, April 22, 2016

Garmin Half Marathon Recap

It's been a week since I crossed the finish line of The Garmin Half. I had originally planned on posting my review right after...but I thought it would be better to give it some time so I could be a little more upbeat...warning...this post will likely be a bit dramatic ;) 

You see...the Garmin half marathon kicked my REALLY kicked my ass. 

I would like to blame it strictly on the course and the weather...but we all know my lack of training played a big part as well.

Looking at the course elevation, one would think it was relatively would be WRONG...and we aren't talking "rolling hills" we are talking straight up and straight down hills...hills that my legs were in no way prepared for.

Since getting my treadmill "Millie" in January, I have spent more time that I would like to admit logging my training miles with her assistance...and while I am not a fan of the treadmill for many thing I do love is the lack of hills ;)

I was pretty familiar with the first part of the course, which I knew to be pretty hilly, so I kept telling myself that if I made it past those first few miles, I would be okay.

And, I was...sort of. The course flattened out for a bit (I think...sometimes think I black out during races) but then came the final stretch of the race...and by final stretch I mean the last 4 miles...

I pushed through and knew that mile 12 was coming up ahead...then I saw it...the horror...the torture...the unjustice....The hill of doom...

You guys...this killed my legs and my spirit. I was so, so, so, tired...and done. I looked at that hill...gave it the middle finger...and began to walk...

That is until the 2 hour pace group passed me...and then it was on. I mustered up every last bit of strength I had and started running again. Passed the 2 hour pace group and managed to cross the finish line in about cutting that sub 2 close!

Again for this race my only goals were to have fun...and run a sub 2. At least I managed one of them...although barely ;) 

While I struggled through this race, I am proud of myself for managing negative splits (faster second half than first) If you had asked me during the race or immediately after I would have told you there was no way the 2nd half was faster...#BecauseHills, but somehow my poorly trained body managed to surprise me yet again! 

While the course was one of the hardest I have ever run, I would say overall the race was great...packet pick-up/expo: A+, parking: A+ (although, after the race it was a little rouch), post race: A+, the medal and finishers shirt: A+

To distract myself from death during the race I snap-chatted my adventure...

I now present to you the first ever "Snap Chat Half" 

5 AM wake-up calls are always fun...#SaidNoOneEver

Fun fact...I never leave the house without mascara. Love me or hate me for is what it is. I have blonde eyelashes and look rather scary without really, I am doing you a favor ;)

Garmin changed the course this year...and if it had stayed the same the start line would have been less than 2 miles from my house...and minus about 400 hills... 

The absolutely worst part of running a race is the 5-10 minutes you are standing in the corral waiting to begin...#SoManyPeople

Caution...hills are larger than they appear ;)

This woman went all face paint and all!

By the time I got to mile 4 I knew I had to break the race down into smaller increments...#CanYouTellITeachFractions

 I can't remember exactly what mile this was...maybe 6? Taking photos and running is not an easy task ;)

 This gave me quite a giggle...I was delirious at this point :) 

It was all downhill (not literally) from here! 

 No words necessary...WOOF!

 Remember that mile 12 hill I told you about...this was it...and again...hills are larger than they appear ;)


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