Monday, April 11, 2016

Rock the Parkway Recap

How fitting is it that this popped up on my FB memories today...

 Last year I ran RTP as sort of a redemption run and to erase the horror that was Rock the Parkway 2014. I trained my tail off, drop a few lbs, ran a sub 1:45 and set a HUGE PR for myself. I spent weeks residing on cloud 9 and felt more pride in myself than I have ever felt before. I had literally ROCKED that parkway in 2015.

Fast forward to this training was lackluster at best. I seemed to have lost my motivation and drive to prepare my body as rigorously as I had the year prior. Instead of giving up nights out with friends...I gave up long runs. Instead of pushing myself to the limits with speed work...I ran slower paces...mostly on the treadmill while watching Real Housewives :)

When I lined up at the start line of RTP on Saturday I was a bag of nerves. I felt pretty confident that I would finish the race...even if I had to run/walk...and eventually crawl over the finish line ;) However, what I was worried about was after...I worried about how I would feel when the race was over and I didn't reach a goal I had set...would I still feel exhilarated and proud? Would running 13.1 miles regardless of how long it took me still make me feel accomplished? 

I went into this race mostly goal-less. Publicly I stated my only goal was to have fun...but when I got to the start line I told myself that my goal would be to finish under 2 hours. 

Because I am not the best at race recaps, I will keep it short and sweet...

I had an absolute blast...

...and finished in just under 2 hours! 

All those concerns about not getting a shiny new PR flew right out the window around mile 8...At mile 8, it happened. I got the always coveted "Runners' High" and felt a moment of pure joy and love for this sport that I have loathed for the last few months. I remembered in that very moment WHY I do this.

So yes, I finished 15 minutes slower than last year...but it didn't change a thing. I still felt joy and pride in my accomplishment. 

And while I didn't give it my all like I did last year in least I never gave up, although I wanted to throw in the towel numerous times. I have a lot to be proud of...I may not have run my fastest half marathon this weekend...but I ran it. I had the courage to go out there and push my body to it's current limits...and I succeeded.

No matter the finish time, running 13.1 miles will always be an accomplishment in my books 


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