Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heartland 39.3...I can see the light...sort of :/

So, the final race of the Heartland 39.3 series is this Saturday...

I got an email about packet pick-up and race day today and I wish I could say I was excited...

Not only am I not excited, I am wishing with all my being that I could just skip this race altogether.

But then I wouldn't get my jacket...and we all know I do this for the swag :)

Plus...who runs 2 of the 3 races and then quits? Not this I suppose I will run.

On the bright side...this is the LAST race of this series and then I can put this failed modified training session behind me. 

I had such huge goals for myself back in December when I signed up for the race, and when they were derailed, I made some changes and decided to make the final race of the series my "goal race" and here we are...goal race time and my training has been derailed more than ever. 

I got to a place where running wasn't enjoyable, where I didn't want to run...where I could hardly force myself to run...and even when I did manage to get myself out the door...I couldn't didn't want to run fast...

And no speed work = No PRs...which over the last few months has been something I have had to come to terms with....but it doesn't mean I like it. 

 Lately, I have been running watchless/GPSless and it has been glorious! Over the last month I have no idea how many miles I have run (not many) and I have not idea what my pace has been (Turtlish) and I have almost started to enjoy running again...almost!

In 2 days I will be lining up at the start line of the RWTC half marathon and completing the Heartland Series for the 3rd time. I am trying with all my might to take it thankful that I can run it (however slow that may be) at all...


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