Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekends are my favorite!

Whew...what a weekend! I woke up this morning with extra heavy eye-lids and a strong desire to turn off my alarm...but alas duty called. One more week of summer school and then I am a free lady for 5 weeks! 

While this morning was extra painful, we had such a wonderful weekend...I guess it was worth it ;) 

Friday night started off really mature-like with a wine and cheese party at our friend Dustin and Manuela's. 

Something about drinking wine and pairing it with cheese makes our night sound a little more grown up than it actually was :) 

The night started out great... I mean, how could 8 adults sharing more bottles of wine than I could count go wrong? Don't answer that ;) 

We started out okay...

Although, as you can see I was already having trouble smiling like a normal person for the picture...but sadly, that is not the wine's fault ;) 

We even managed a halfway decent selfie :) 

Then...the selfie stick came out ;) 


Then...the real test of adulthood was presented...

The fanciest of all cheeses made an appearance...

and I clearly handled myself like a lady ;) 

Luckily for me...being the driver...I took it easy and didn't over do it...AJ on the other hand...he loved his wine ;) 

Thanks to taking it easy on Friday night I was able to get up and head to my first Pilates Mega Reformer Class at Body Lab.

I wasn't hurting from the wine...but my body wasn't pleased after this class...#Woof

I also made my very first trip to Trader Joes...I know, I know...judge away! 

When I got to the register, I made a faux pas (per usual) and I apologized telling the guy it was because "it was my first time there" and that's when it happened...he jumped away from the register rang a bell and presented me with flowers in honor of my first Trader Joes visit! 

Sunday evening we hosted Father's Day dinner at our house. Last time we hosted dinner, I completely forgot to get out my camera and take any pictures. 

This time? Well...I got my camera out and got a few pictures...#WorkInProgress

The one and only shot of the guys...I's not like it was Father's Day or anything ;) 

They were busy talking about all things "men" so I took my camera outside to hang with the ladies :) 

I am sure blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life

I snuck in some quality snuggle time with my two of my favorite ladies

Finley and Grammy played on the slide...

While GG and Norah stayed cool in the shade 

We absolutely love having everyone over for these fun family events...and what makes it even better is the blending of our two-families is so seamless. I feel so lucky to have these people in my life. And Gracie...

Entertaining wears her out :)  


  1. True confession here…I have never been to a Trader Joe's…I've heard great things about it, and even have not one, but TWO gift cards - but have never gone. Guess I need to schedule it in one of these days!!!

    And cheese in a can is always the best. :)