Saturday, July 2, 2016

11 months

Wow...time sure does fly when you're having fun, doesn't it?

11 whole months of marriage to this incredible guy have passed in a blink of an eye.

Looking back on the craziness of this time last year I am SO grateful that we aren't in the midst of last minute wedding plans and buying our first home. This summer has been MUCH more low key to say the least :) 

Our 11th month of marriage was filled with lots of friends, family, fun, and laughter (of course!) 

With the (aggressive) return of summer...we reinstated one of our favorite traditions #IceCreamSunday

We celebrated my baby brother's graduation

We hosted a Memorial Day BBQ with our friends...and in true Heather fashion, I forgot to get out the camera :(

 Before the heat-wave hit, we spent many evenings outdoors on our new patio furniture and cushions (which I sewed myself!) 

Have I told you how much I love our backyard?

We had an absolute blast at the first annual Hoodstock celebration down at Linn Valley Lake.  

I mean...isn't my husband the coolest? ;)

We attended our first ever, extremely classy and grown up, wine and cheese party ;)  

We hosted Father's Day dinner with both of our families

I know I have said it before...but I will say it again...I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that we can get both of our families together. Walter-Smith celebrations are my favorite :)

We FINISHED (minus hanging things on the wall) our half bath project! 

I promise to share pictures of the finished product once we get things cleaned up and on the wall :)

This half bath project will forever go down in the record books as the most difficult house project to date. I does that happen in the smallest room in the house?

I also made my first ever trip to Trader Joes (I know...cue the gasps) and we tried our first ever TJ meal.

Mandarin Chicken and Fried Rice...

 and ladies and gentlemen...we have a winner! Yum, yum...a thousand times yum! Now we just need to find spring rolls and we won't ever have to go out for Chinese again :) 

June was a busy month, that's for sure...and because of that we had to celebrate our monthly anniversary a little late. The weekend of, I was at the lake...and because we were wanting to go to the drive-in, and the drive-in closest to us is only open on weekends....we had to wait until the weekend after.

Our month 11 date did not get started off on the right foot....

We wanted to try a new to us Mexican restaurant so we hit up Google and found this place with great reviews...

After standing in the entry way for 10 minutes without so much as a "hello" or "we will be right with you" we decided to cut our losses and head somewhere else. 

We headed to El Patron and couldn't find a parking spot...then looked across the street to see if we would have any luck at Ponak's and they were just as packed....

 We then decided to head to the food trucks we had driven by earlier, to see if we would have any luck there...nope...nothing really sounded good there....when you are craving Mexican must have Mexican food.

We finally ended up at Sabor Y Sol...

Eh...not our favorite...but it was Mexican food and at this point we didn't really care :)

After the Mexican Food Fiasco of 2016, we headed straight to the drive-in...only to discover they only take cash #GetWithTheTimes

Luckily, I had some cash, so we were fine.... 

However, once we got parked, we realized our fatal mistake.... 


the concession stands only take cash as well...and we had used all of our cash just to get into the place #FacePalm

Parking spots were filling up rather quickly...and it had taken some effort to get our spot #HolyChaos; so we didn't really want to leave to go get cash at an ATM.

Running out of options and enthusiasm for the drive-in we decided we HAD to salvage the night.... 

We decided that we would just walk the quarter of a mile to the nearest gas station...because there isn't anything candy and a soda can't fix ;) 

We made it back from our excursion just in time for the movie! This date was touch and go for a bit...but it ended up being perfect! As clique as it sounds...sometimes it doesn't matter what you are doing, but who you are doing it with...

And I have to say...I have a pretty good partner in crime who makes life (even when things don't go as planned) a whole lot of fun :)


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