Thursday, July 28, 2016


That's right...sweet little Baby Smith with be joining our family in 2017...and we could not be happier :) 

When AJ and I got married last year we both knew we wanted to be married for at least a year before trying for a baby. We thought it was important to spend a year focusing on us and our well as working on our other baby...the house :)

When July rolled around we were both ready and excited to take this next step...

Welp, here we are 4 weeks later on July 28th...

We were shocked...and overjoyed...neither of us expected this to happen so quickly!

I want to document every second of this journey for us...and Sweet Baby I bare with me!


Our one year anniversary...obviously since we had been trying for a baby this month I knew it would be possible that we were pregnant. With AF only a few days away I decided to test...I thought that if we were pregnant that it would be the PERFECT little anniversary gift. 

Well...the test came back negative...and I have to say I was a little disappointed, but I quickly reminded myself that we had only just started trying and that there was always next month. And in the back of my head I kept thinking "maybe I just tested too early" ;)

 I started having some weird cramps and just didn't feel right...I chalked it up to AF being right around the corner and resolved myself to thinking "this month is not the month"


I went to the gym for a "beginner" level aerobic interval class. 20 minutes in I found myself trying to find the nearest exit...I was dying. I couldn't keep up, I was breathing heavier than normal, and my heart was racing. I managed to limp through the rest of the class and then had to head to school for the summer math camp I was hosting. 

I was exhausted and sick to my stomach the rest of the day. I was completely flabbergasted because I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and couldn't believe that that was a beginners class...

Later that night when I finally got home I got straight in bed...I was absolutely beat! I ended up taking a nap (which is completely out of character for me) and I woke up feeling slightly better.


This was the day AF was supposed to show...I told myself I would NOT test again until I was at least a few days late...well due to more cramping (which didn't feel normal), some nausea, my struggle bus fitness class, and my general lack of patience I figured

 "What the heck..Why not?" 

Shortly after AJ left for work Wednesday morning I got up and grabbed the Dollar Store pregnancy test that my co-workers had gotten me as a gag-gift last fall before the Chicago Marathon (I didn't want to waste the more expensive tests I had purchased on Monday)

After 3 minutes I took a look at the test and "thought" I saw a very faint faded line. I had sort of messed up (of course I would) on the test so I thought maybe that was the issue. Being the crazy train that I am I went and grabbed the "fancy" test and what do you know...I saw ANOTHER faint line! 

I seriously stood there in shock for several minutes...still convinced that I had taken the test wrong. I wasn't completely convinced, although I was hopeful! 

Because the lines were so faint, I decided that just to be sure I would go out and grab a digital test when I was done with math camp for the afternoon. A digital at this point would be the only thing to convince me that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me!

Also, while out running errands I stopped by Barnes and Noble to  grab a little gift for AJ, just in case the digital test confirmed what I was hoping :) 

About 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon I got home and headed straight upstairs to take the test. 3 minutes later...a big fat YES + popped up on the screen...there was no doubt about it this time, I was pregnant! 

I immediately squealed and jumped up and down and ran downstairs to tell the dog...she wasn't as excited as I had hoped, but I am sure she will come around ;)

The next hour and half waiting for AJ to get home was the worst! I kept staring at the clock willing him to get home sooner, but the seconds ticked by painfully slow.

When he finally got home, he came in, gave me a kiss and headed upstairs to change out of his work clothes like normal (we are both a pjs right after work kind of people) 

I followed him upstairs trying to act normal...although I was shaking with anticipation. I asked him about his day...etc, etc. Then he asked if I wanted to watch some Prison Break (our current obsession) and I said "Sure...but first I have a little gift for you to make up for my anniversary card"- We had agreed to only get each other cards for our anniversary (1 year is paper) and to write a personal note inside....well, I failed and AJ as always went above and beyond.

His face lit up (he is like a child with gifts!) and we went downstairs so I could give him his gift. 

Seriously, I wish I could have recorded his reaction as he pulled the book "Dude, You're Going to Be a Dad" out of the bag. First it was pure confusion...then shock...then he looked a little like he was going to pass out...then he looked at me and said "'re pregnant?" and then he wrapped me in a huge hug. 

We both then just sat there in silence for a few minutes (much like after he proposed and when we found out that our offer on our house had been accepted-we handle excitement and shock in similar ways) and then hugged again, both of us so thrilled for this little miracle in our lives :) 

We then busted out the bottle of wine, from a wedding gift, that was meant for the day we found out we were having a baby...

AJ got the bottle all to himself...and I didn't mind one bit :)

 Unfortunately, we do not have a due date yet...I called my doctor the next day and they told me that I was likely just around 5 weeks and that they like to wait until 8-10 weeks before the first they scheduled me for Aug. 22nd. 

3 1/2 VERY long weeks away! We just can't wait to see our sweet little baby...let's hope these next few weeks fly by!


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