Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Fun: Book Club

Have I told you how much I love summer vacation? Oh...right...only like 1 million times :)

Summer vacation is such a nice treat, because it gives me time to do things I wouldn't normally be able to attend a book club meeting with my sweet grandma :)

Earlier this summer we got to talking about one of our favorite subjects...books...and we were talking about her next book club book, The Aviators Wife. 

I was immediately intrigued, because I love historical fiction, and was able to get a copy of the book from the library easy-peasy. 

I asked my grandma if it would be okay for me to crash their July book club meeting and she of course said yes...grandma's never tell their grand kids's a rule ;)

So yesterday, I headed out to my grandparents house for a quick lunch and then a tour of their downtown library...

 This is hands down the cutest little library I have ever seen! Bank of Knowledge? How appropriate is that?

 It was so neat to hear stories from my grandma about the history of this building and all the things that it had been before becoming a library. She also told me about book mobiles, and how that was the way she used to check out books before there was a library. I just love hearing stories from when she was a little girl.

 The Edgerton Library is part of the Johnson County libraries...but on a MUCH smaller scale.

 This is the entire non-fiction section! Talk about a change of pace from my normal Blue Valley Library. 

What this library lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in character! I loved this stained glass piece in the kids area. I'm sure the librarian and all 3 patrons thought I was crazy for taking all these pictures :) 

After our tour concluded we headed over to the Edgerton Museum (I had no idea there was such a thing) for the book club meeting

 While waiting for the rest of the ladies to show up we took a look around at all of the Edgerton oldies (but goodies) and I found this gem...

My grandpa and Dad happen to be Edgerton famous ;) 

After a quick history of Edgerton, book club got started...and I have to say...that this might have been my favorite day all summer. 

I had such a wonderful day...from lunch and great conversation with my grandparents, to the tour of the Edgerton Library, and finally meeting my grandma's sweet friends. It was a  day filled with memories that I will cherish forever.

So...again I tell you...I so appreciate my summer vacation...and the opportunities it gives me to spend a little bit more time with the people I love!


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