Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 months...52 weeks, 365 days, 8,765 hours, 525,948 minutes...1 whole year

One year ago, on July 25, 2015...I made the best decision of my life

As cheesy as it's true.

Our 12th month of marriage just might be my favorite...but that's probably because it included an anniversary trip :) 

This month...

We celebrated our friend Josh's birthday at KC Wine Co.

We celebrated our friend Ben's birthday

And then...America's birthday

We babysat our favorite nieces...and played Barbies :) Uncle AJ always has to be Ken...and Finley's Barbies are NEVER dressed.

Swimming was a hit...and a splash with this happy little girl. 

And I think it's safe to say AJ has gotten over his fear of babies...By your second niece, I suppose you get a little braver ;)

Our wine and cheese night was so successful...we decided to have a beer and pretzel night :) We also discovered that beer tasting is a much safer activity. Wine goes (quickly) to your head :) 

We celebrated National Ice Cream Day

We (I) painted the guest and master bathrooms. This is a before picture...I have yet to take afters (sorry!) However, I am happy to report that we have finished painting every piece of trim, every door, and every wall in this house! My goal was to finish the trim by our 1 year houseiversary...and I am happy to say we succeeded...with 3 weeks to spare! Talk about a HUGE load off. I am so glad to have the painting done...this year we will focus on getting things hung on the wall :) 

We went to Chicago for our "Anniversary Extravaganza"

And even though we technically had 2 day long "monthly dates" while we were in Chicago, we decided we still wanted to celebrate our 12th month anniversary by going to the Ceramic Cafe to paint another fine piece of art.

But then disaster struck...quite literally! Early Monday morning our house was struck by lightning...Happy anniversary to us :) 

Luckily, the damage was minimal and I am lucky enough to have an electrician brother who dropped everything to come over and spend 2 evenings rewiring our bedroom and checking to make sure that everything else was okay. 

However, due to the lightning strike we decided to reschedule our official date for Friday...but that didn't stop us from going out to celebrate with dinner at the fanciest of places...Olive Garden :) 

Cheers to a wonderful year! 

After a quick photo shoot, that my sweet husband was willing to sit through...just for me (we quickly learned that the tripod and self-timer app were not as easy to use as anticipated) we cut into our wedding cake! I was a little hesitant, thinking it might not taste very good...but boy was I wrong! It tasted just as good as our wedding day! 

Our 12th month anniversary was one we have had planned for awhile. A few months back, I bought a Groupon for Ceramic Cafe and their BYOB painting. We painted a piece of pottery on our honeymoon and we thought it would be fun to do it again, a year later...hoping our skills may have improved ;)

We started with dinner at Sunset Grille and then headed over to paint our masterpiece! 

For a wedding gift last year my co-workers put together the sweetest gift! It was a basket filled with bottles of wine that we were instructed to drink for certain occasions (wedding night, first fight, one year anniversary, etc) and because it was BYOB we were able to bring our "one year anniversary" bottle to enjoy! Painting and booze always go hand in hand ;) 

We chose an owl for our mantle...I am hoping that it turns out okay and that we don't have to hide it behind something else ;) 

 Hattie the Hooter turned out better than I thought!

She does look a little bit sleepy here...but hopefully once she is fired and shiny and bright she looks a little more lively :) 

 One whole year of marriage is the books has us saying

"Bring on Year Two!"


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