Friday, August 26, 2016

8 weeks: Morning Sickness? How about ALL DAY sickness?

It sort of looks like I have the beginnings of a bump...but I assure you that it's not. The combination of bloating and a large dinner is deceiving ;)

How far along?
 8 weeks

How big is baby?
A large raspberry or according to my other pregnancy app. a 2x2 Lego block-the random objects option is my favorite! (0.63"/0.04oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is moving around like crazy in there...although I won't feel it for several more weeks and taste buds are forming.

Nausea, nausea, and more nausea! Whoever came up with the term "morning sickness" was a's more like "all day sickness" around here. My mornings are actually the best right first big wave of nausea hits me right before lunch, and then just gets worse throughout the day. I have dry heaved more times than I would like to admit...and let's not talk about the struggles I have had with brushing my teeth (GAG! Literally!)...but no throwing up yet, so I will count myself lucky!

I have also been pretty tired...but I can't decide if it's first trimester fatigue...or back to school exhaustion? Maybe a little bit of both ;)

Maternity Clothes?

Sleep has been about 4000% times better after our first doctor's appointment. I think the anxiety and over-thinking played a part in well as my normal back to school insomnia. Now I am falling right asleep at night (no later than 9PM) and while I wake up a few times in the night to use the restroom I am able to fall right back asleep!

Missing Anything?
 My energy and motivation...although, this exhaustion and tendency to crawl right into bed after work is pretty normal this time of not sure I can blame it on pregnancy.

No real cravings to report here...however, I have been thinking about Sonic chili dogs more than normal...although I have only had 1 or 2 in my entire life. That and a bottle of Pizza Shoppe pink stuff dressing might have fallen in my shopping cart the other day. These random cravings aren't all that abnormal for me though, so I can't blame the baby yet :)

Nothing really sounds all that great at the moment...the nausea makes it hard to eat...however, once I do eat I feel much better. I would say my only real aversions are beer (which I discovered in Chicago-before we found out, when I could hardly choke down a beer...which is so unlike me!) and cucumbers. The beer doesn't bother me at all...since I wouldn't be drinking it anyway...but I typically eat 2 or 3 mini-cucumbers every day, and now just the sight of them makes my tummy turn!

Happy, happy, happy! Everything is still so surreal...I can't wait to become mommy and daddy to this little blessing in our lives :)

Best Moment of the week?
Hands down it was seeing our little Sweet P and his/her heart-beating up on that screen.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
I tend to be a little scatter-brained in general...and even more so when things are crazy (ex: back to school) but for the next 7 mos. I can blame these moments on pregnancy brain ;)

I changed grade-levels this year...and in turn my schedule is VERY different. This week I accidentally took my kids to lunch 15 minutes late! I was mortified...but luckily they forgave me and haven't been shy about reminding me when lunch time is since ;) I have also been struggling a little during read-aloud, I skip over words and stutter through sentences some times (which is VERY unlike me) but I think I can blame that one on exhaustion!

Looking forward to?
Finally telling our families! We decided to wait until after our first doctor's appointment and this last month has been TOUGH! I had to avoid talking to my mom at as not to spill the beans. And while obviously telling my family is very exciting...I CANNOT wait to tell AJ's mom and dad. It will be their first grand-baby and I have no doubt they will be over the moon excited!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
 Nothing yet...unless you count these weekly pictures/posts. We will likely wait until we find out the gender (around 20 wks) to make any purchases.

Since I have shared so much about my running on this blog in the past, I thought I would share my experience with running during pregnancy. I don't have any goals in this process...but I would like to stay as active as possible in hopes of a smoother delivery. I haven't done a whole lot of running or even working out lately though because of how quickly I fatigue. This was one of my first symptoms before finding officially finding out, and it's only gotten worse. I am out of breath VERY quickly and have found myself walking more than running...which I know is better than nothing! The heat has forced me indoors on the treadmill, but watching one of my guilty pleasures makes the time go by much faster :)

I have big plans for a cute little baby book...and at 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40 weeks I will take a photo from above. I found this cute idea on Pinterest, so I am hoping it turns out just as well :)


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