Friday, September 9, 2016

10 Weeks: Ginger Candies...let's be friends.

How far along?
10 weeks

How big is baby?
A prune, kumquat, or strawberry depending on which app. I am looking at. (1.18"/0.14oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby has working arm joints and cartilage and bones are forming. Fingernails and hair are starting to appear too!

No puking this week! Hallelujah! My ginger candies and my new routine of eating a bowl of cereal first thing have helped. I am still pretty nauseous and have had some dry heaving spells...but I don't mind as long as I am not throwing up! I also had some pretty weird stretching pains last night...strong enough to wake me up at one point. It kind of feels like I got a killer ab workout...but let's be honest, that is NOT that case :)

Maternity Clothes?
Nope! However, my app says this is the week I might see the weight gain speed up. I haven't gained any weight thus far (I am actually down a few pounds) so I don't mind one bit!

I am still waking up at least 2 times per night...drinking a lot of water has helped keep the nausea at bay, so I suppose the minor sleep disturbances are worth it :)

Missing Anything?
Energy and motivation to run/workout...especially because the physical activity seems to help with my lack of energy and the nausea.

Nothing really this week...

Cucumbers have still not been consumed...but I did buy some ice cream at the grocery store and have yet to want any of it...looks like my sweet tooth is on vacation!

Mopey again this was a busy week with something going on just about every night...and being the homebody I am mixed with exhaustion it wasn't a good combination.

Best Moment of the week?
We got our new carpet installed upstairs this week! The guest bedroom/nursery is now a clean slate ready for all the baby things!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Nothing major...a few word mix ups this week, but like I said that's pretty normal.

Looking forward to?
Old Settlers...and all the grange pups, walking tacos, and funnel cakes!!!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
 I know I said we were going to wait until we found out the gender to buy anything, but on a FB swap site I found the PERFECT buffet/hutch that we plan on using for a dresser/changing table. It's pretty spectacular if I do say so myself...although, it needs a little more TLC than anticipated.

With our carpet being installed this week Ol' Millie girl spent most of the week disassembled in the living room....that paired with the heat meant very little running for me this week. On Saturday however, the weather was absolutely PERFECT for a 5k I ran/walked with my friend Heather. Now that the treadmill is back together, and I am not throwing up in the mornings I am hoping to get back into a more regular routine :)


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