Friday, September 16, 2016

11 weeks: Hand I loathe you!

This week I am not sure I can blame the bump on a big definitely started to become more obvious this week. My pants benefited from the rubber band trick for sure :)

How far along?
11 weeks

How big is baby?
A lime or a poker chip...which seems very different to me. Maybe a very small lime or a large poker chip? Who knows!? (1.61"/0.25oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby has working arm joints and cartilage and bones are forming. Fingernails and hair are starting to appear too! My app says he/she is moving around and even hiccupping, but I won't be able to feel those movements for another month or so.

I have honestly felt MUCH better this week...I even got a few days of minimal nausea, which was a nice break. I am still really fatigued, but I have managed to run a little more (and a little further) this week. I'm starting to notice my pants getting a little snug towards the end of the day...which I think at this point is just bloating.

Maternity Clothes?
Still holding strong, a few pairs of my pants are a little snug by days I have been sticking to leggings and dresses as much as possible.  

My allergies came on with a vengeance this week so my sleep hasn't been the greatest, seeing as I can't breathe. Not much is on my approved medication list...but luckily my trusty Benedryl made the cut. A couple of nights this week I popped a Benny before bed and slept MUCH better! I still woke up to use the restroom (this was a very zombie like experience) but I was able to breathe much better.

Missing Anything?
Nothing too much this week...I still miss my energy, but I am slowly getting used to this constant state of exhaustion ;)

Italian food/Warm comfort foods...Bring on fall and all the crock-pot meals!

Haven't given cucumbers a try, but just the thought makes me a little queasy so I will avoid at all costs! This week I also noticed the smell  of hand-sanitizer made me a little queasy...who knew what a strong smell it had?!?

Much better this week! I seemed to get out of my funk and haven't been nearly as mopey.

Best Moment of the week?
My 3 mile run on was gorgeous outside, and I was able to run the ENTIRE time without having to stop. Doesn't sound like much, but my body has been rebelling for the last few weeks, so it was a definite win in my books.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
 When talking about our fantasy football players and the points they scored this week I accidentally referred to my quarterback as "my president"  

Looking forward to?
Jenni will be here TODAY!!!! I cannot wait to tell my sister-in-law that she is going to be an Auntie! It will be her first niece/nephew and I will never forget that feeling when I found out that I was going to be an Auntie for the first time! And next week we have our 12 week sonogram and will get to hear Baby Smith's heartbeat for the first time!!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

Much better this week...but still hoping to get my mileage and especially endurance back to where it was. I have read several places that running is MUCH easier second trimester! Here's to hoping! I was pretty proud of myself this week because there were a couple of times when I REALLY wanted to come home from work and crawl straight into bed and I ran/walked instead...and I honestly felt much better after. It's just hard to remember that when you are a walking zombie after a full day of work!


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