Friday, September 2, 2016

13 months: Yes, we are still doing this :)

Our one year anniversary has come and gone...and we may no longer be "newlyweds" but we had so much fun with our monthly dates over the past year that we decided to keep it going.

And if we are going to keep our monthly dates going then I MUST blog about our monthly happenings right along with it right? ;)

This month was a weird month...we didn't do much, but with back to school craziness that was to be expected. Our monthly date was extremely low key (although we had something just didn't quite work out and got moved to next month) but it was just what we needed this month. Not all date nights involve leaving the house okay?

I know I alluded to a low key month...but it actually started out with a bang...quite literally! Early in the morning of our one-year anniversary our house was struck by about a celebration ;)

The only good thing to come out of this may have been our new TV :) We had plans to replace the 42" TV from AJ's college years, and this just sped up the process. Our new 60" TV might be a bit of an overkill...but when hubby is happy, everyone is happy (Isn't that the saying?)

We also got to celebrate Chad and Sarah's recent nuptials at the "I Do, BBQ"

The Smith's sure know how to party! Great music, great food, and best of all great company :)

We got a chance to babysit this cute little guy :)

As always he was a perfect angel! I could kiss and squeeze those cheeks all day long!

I started back to work...and contrary to what you believe this does not just affect me. Poor AJ got used to a rested wife who cooked dinner more often and made sure the house was clean. Life changes in least until I get in the swing of things! 

This year I am teaching 4th grade, and while it's not that different from 3rd (and I was lucky enough to keep some of my kiddos) getting into the swing of things took a little longer than normal. 5 years in one grade level puts you in a comfort zone! HOWEVER, mixing things up was the BEST decision I have made! I love, love, love my 4th graders!

Remember how I told you this month was pretty low key...well here is your proof. That's it...that is all the notable things we did this month...or at least the ones I took pictures of. I would like to say that I hope next month is more eventful...but then I would be lying. I am a homebody at heart and I love, love, love staying in!

The homebody in my really enjoyed this month's spoke all my love languages.

We started with dinner at a Chinese place close to our house...

Stopped for ice cream at Orange Leaf...

And then grabbed a Redbox and headed home for snuggles on the couch!

Not the most exciting month in our marriage...but one we enjoyed nonetheless!


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