Friday, September 30, 2016

13 weeks: Kicking Nausea to the Curb!

Definitely feeling...and looking bigger this week. My clothes are snug and I spend way more time than normal trying to pick out something to wear. At this point I just look kind of chubby...and it's a mental game every time I get dressed. My mid-section just looks thick and shapeless...I am looking forward to the day I actually look pregnant, instead of just like I have gained a few lbs.

How far along?
13 weeks...and in my last week of the 1st trimester and looking forward to the 2nd trimester; which has been described as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! I fully intend to enjoy these next several weeks...and put the woes of first trimester far behind me!

How big is baby?
A lemon or toy car  (~3" and .81oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is forming vocal cords and even though teeny tiny, he or she already has fingerprints!

I am knocking on every wooden thing around me right now...but I have completely turned a corner. I had VERY little nausea this almost none, and it was glorious! Monday morning I woke up feeling great...I told AJ I didn't realize how bad I truly felt until I had a morning where I felt great! The fatigue is still there...but that I can handle. Not one instance of gagging or dry-heaving this week and I am OH SO THANKFUL!

Maternity Clothes?
Just my belly band! Hoping to get by with my leggings, dresses, and regular clothes for as long as possible!

Sleep? and on. I have some nights where I sleep great and there were a few where I couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep.

Missing Anything?
Not a thing!

Nothing too specific...but I still enjoy my warm carbs.

The thought of cucumbers doesn't make my stomach turn, but I think I will avoid them a bit longer and the smell of hand sanitizer is still a stomach churner.

I got to share my exciting news with friends, co-workers, and even my students. How can I not be over the moon happy? Keeping this secret, feeling as awful as I did was really hard. Now, not only is the secret out...but I feel SOOOO much better.

Best Moment of the week?
Getting to tell my teacher friends at our weekly girls' dinner. I was able to completely catch them off guard! We were talking about my friend Erin's family photos and I casually said "speaking of photos, I have one to show you guys" and I whipped out the sonogram. The looks on their faces were priceless...and the screams that followed...well let's just say AJ could hear us over the lawnmower :) It's moments like this that I feel even more grateful for my little framily.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
None that I can think of...#BadumpPsh

Looking forward to?
Fall! We have already gotten a wonderful glimpse of the beautiful fall weather this week and I can't wait to fully enjoy these next few months!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
Nada! Although I am itching to get started on the's not too soon right?

This is a close second for best moment of the week...I ran 5 miles on Sunday and it felt WONDERFUL! They weren't kidding when they said "it will get better" HOWEVER, one day this week I decided to walk instead of run and threw in some light strength training (5lb out!) and I think I did a total of 30 squats/lunges of different varieties...and let's just say that I was sore for several days after!! You can definitely tell I neglected more than just running during the first trimester!


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