Friday, September 2, 2016

9 weeks: WOOF!

Maybe it's me...but gosh it sure looks like there is a bump trying it peek itself out of there...again, I blame it on bloat and a big dinner. Maybe I should start taking these photos BEFORE dinner ;)

How far along?
9 weeks

How big is baby?
A green olive or a cherry  (.91"/0.07oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Tiny muscles are beginning to form and baby is officially a fetus :)  

Nausea, fatigue, and vomiting has made its grand entrance...WOOF! This week all of the symptoms seemed to peak! I knew these were all common and was prepared...but mistakenly thought it would be easy to just "power through" I have felt very wimpy and pathetic this week. I have been napping more than usual and early bedtimes are a must! I ordered some ginger candies on Amazon and bought some Ginger Ale at the grocery store, and while the ginger flavor is not my favorite it does offer some relief.

Maternity Clothes?

I have become a professional sleeper ;) Naps and falling asleep the minute my head hits the pillow is very common right now. I do however wake up several times during the night to use the restroom. I have tried cutting off my water consumption by 6PM at night...but I am just so darn thirsty, and it doesn't really seem to help. I am just grateful that I am falling back to sleep easily.

Missing Anything?
Running and working out. I am a big fan of endorphins and getting my heart-rate up...but lately it's been so hard to get motivated to run with the nausea and exhaustion. Sweating is such a stress reliever for me and not having that during the first few (stressful) weeks of school has been hard. I am hoping this week is the peak of symptoms and it will only be uphill from here!  

Still no cravings...but Sonic's 50 cent corn dogs were awfully tempting ;)

Cucumbers are still not appealing to me...which is a bummer because I am not a fan of many other raw veggies.

Exhaustion has led to a very mopey Heather...and while I wouldn't say I have been moody, I have definitely wanted to spend more time alone.

Best Moment of the week?
Telling our families! I wrote all about those 2 excitement filled days HERE.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Nothing major to report...words are still kind of hard this week, but again that is not out of the norm ;)

Looking forward to?
A 3-day weekend!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

I miss it...that is all :( Hoping to get in a few more miles in the upcoming weeks! C'mon 2nd trimester!!!


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