Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Trimester Recap!

This weekend we finally shared our wonderful, life-changing news with the world!

Let me tell ya...the first trimester is a long one. Not only are you fighting nausea, and fatigue...but you can't explain why you have suddenly turned into a recluse who suddenly takes naps and can't stay awake past 8:30PM.

Sharing our news on FB on Sunday made me a bit anxious (don't ask me why?), but also filled me with a sense of relief. No longer will I have to fake drink or make up excuses for why I am not drinking. Although, I think I was able to fool most people...when you don't drink much to begin with it's a bit easier :)

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the sweet responses and excitement. Needless to say, Baby Smith will be oh so very loved :)

Over the last 8ish weeks I have been documenting this fun little adventure through first trimester with weekly "bump" posts, doctor's appointments, etc. My ultimate goal is to create a book or a pregnancy journal that I can share with Baby Smith when he/she gets older.

On top of that...after 5 years of blogging it's second nature to over-share and document every little thing in our lives. Looking back at older posts years later always proves to be a fun little trip down memory lane...and I especially want to remember and look back on this special time in our lives.

Up until now, my posts have been "drafts" anxiously awaiting the day they could be posted...I plan on back dating them, so I can have an accurate time-stamp of these experiences and special moments.

If you are so inclined, you can go back and read all of these past posts...

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