Monday, October 31, 2016

October Book Review

Alright...I'm a slacker, I will admit it. I only read 4 books this month...with just 3 of them being books I chose and read at home. The other was a book I read aloud to my class.

In my defense...most of my free time nowadays is spent napping. #GrowingAHumanIsHard

At first I was bummed because I feel like I haven't really been living up to my New Year's Resolution of 4 books per month...but then I think back to January when I read 12 books and I think it evens itself out.

I'm not sure if it's the being tired that is making it hard to want to sit down and read or if it's the lack of exciting books I have been choosing? Don't get me wrong, they are good...but many of them have just been that...good, not great, not spectacular...nothing to write home to mom about.

2 of the 3 books I read (not at work to the kiddos) were on my iPad and I pretty much only read them while on the treadmill #KillingTwoBirdsWithOneStone I did however force myself to finish the 2nd one this weekend (not on the treadmill)...not because it was bad...but because I would have much rather been binge watching Gilmore Girls while drifting in and out of sleep ;)

Sorry 'bout the lack of variety this month I will do better #IHope

Last month I read The Status of All Things by the same authors...and completely by chance picked up this book. I had no idea! I think if I had known I wouldn't have picked it up...I even hesitated with beginning this book at all...not because I didn't like the previous book, but I wasn't sure I wanted another mindless beach read. However, I decided to give it a chance and I am sure glad I did. Much like the other book it was light-hearted, predictable, and totally out there...but I loved it. If you wanted to go deeper and find some meaning in this book, I suppose it's that not everyone gets a second chance so make your choices wisely? I don't's Monday, I am not good at this ;)

Alright, now don't go judging me on my book choices this month...this was a book I had downloaded for free on my Kindle app ages ago and I was in desperate need of another mindless read because I knew I was FAR behind and would have trouble reaching my goal of 4 books. I read this book in just a few days...and the verdict? was okay. It was was unrealistic...and at times had me laughing at the absurdity...but it wasn't horrible.

If I had to choose a favorite book for this month...this would likely be it. Was it phenomenal? I mean...I enjoyed it, but it's not in the running for my top 10 favorite books. I liked the twists and turns and the dark story line...however, reading this while AJ was out of town for work probably wasn't my best idea. I may or may not have locked my bedroom door when I went to bed each night ;) The ending while not totally predictable, kind of just happened with quite a bit of book left...I more enjoy a suspense novel that twists, turns and reveals itself in an AH-HA...followed by a jaw drop. This one just didn't do that for me. But like I said...I enjoyed it enough to give it a 4 star rating.

I read this book as a read aloud to my class as requested by our librarian. This is one of the William Allen White nominees for the state of Kansas this year and a book she thought all of the kids would enjoy....and boy was she right. My kids were hooked from the very beginning and loved the story (except they were a little upset at the ending) I like my students, enjoyed this book, but likely for different reasons. The main character has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism and I love any chance to discuss things like this with the kids. I think books and characters like this allow kids to see people's differences and open up discussions about how they should treat those who are different from us. Prior to reading this book we read the book Rules so it opened up a lot of discussions and made lots of connections. Rain, Reign is not my favorite of this genre of book, and I don't know that I will use it as a read-aloud again...

That is all I got through this month...and while it's 4 books, it's not 4 of the BEST books I could have read. I am hoping next month to get a better variety...and hopefully find a book or two that I can't stop raving about! I started the new Harry Potter...but read several reviews on it and I think I will send it back to the library for now. I haven't heard good things...and right now I need something to draw me back in! If you have any suggestions let me know!!


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