Monday, October 3, 2016

September, because couting the months after one year is just strange :)

Okay, so last month I did a "13 month" post...and it just looks who keeps track of how many months they have been married after the one year mark?

Not this weirdo...anymore ;)

From now on we are going to refer to our "monthly anniversary dates" just as our "monthly dates" and I will just recap all the excitement (or lack thereof) in a monthly blog post...Did I need to share all of these big little changes with you? No...probably not, but it's my blog and I do what I want :)

September was another slow month...but the whole "I am pregnant" excuse will have to do. First trimester fatigue is NO JOKE! Add that to back to school tireds and you have a big ol' lump of lazy ;) Good thing AJ was understanding and didn't mind being a homebody these last 2 months...

While I have been exceptionally lazy these last 2 months, we did manage to sneak in a Royals game with friends :)

Everyone ended up going out for Sunday Funday after, but we had to abstain for obvious reasons! Keeping this secret is hard enough without any one questioning why I wasn't drinking!

We got new carpet upstairs so we had to move the guest bed downstairs while they installed that...we took full advantage of a mattress in the basement.

We now have the same carpet throughout the whole house, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me :)

AJ made breakfast...when you're pregnant you can pretty much request anything and they will oblige :)

There were a few cooler days sprinkled here and there this month so we took advantage of it by taking this lazy bum on a walk. She can almost walk one whole mile...before she needs to be carried ;)

We may have kept the bed in the family room a little longer than necessary...the couch is great, but snuggling up and watching TV on a mattress is pretty fantastic as well :) -Don't worry...we did finally move it!

My sweet sister-in-law came over to help us take some photos for our "big reveal" and I have to say AJ is such a trooper...he has come to accept my obsession for pictures and my need to take 1 million so we have several to choose from!

And after being stuck with me for the last 11 years, Gracie Lou is also a really good sport :)

We ended the month with our September anniversary date...which technically took place on Oct. 1st; but we won't split hairs on that one ;)


The Renaissance Festival was the PERFECT way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon! Things are finally starting to look up in the nausea/feel like crap department so I am proud to say I not only lasted almost 5 hours at Ren Fest, but we went out to watch the Sporting KC game after...and if you have been around me at all in the last 8 weeks, you know what an accomplishment that is!

October should be a bit more exciting...I am feeling much's my birthday month (yes, that is a thing) so I plan on taking full advantage of that!


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