Monday, October 3, 2016

September Book Review

This month was a sad one in book land...between being a busy month at work, I haven't felt the greatest...and my bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier.

I was only able to sneak in 2 personal books and 2 kid books...but, I still managed 4 books for the month, so I guess I can still count that as a win ;)

This was my first book for the month and it was definitely one that I enjoyed. Lots of suspense, a bit of a twist, and a story-line that pulled me in. It took me longer to read this than it normally would have (usually mysteries have me staying up all hours of the night) but there were many a nights I woke up with my book on the floor...and found myself having to re-read the pages I "slept read" Definitely a book that I would say is worth your time.

I feel like I might have cheated a little with this book...I read this aloud to my class is the most selfish way possible. It is book #2 in a series of several books, and I have been dying to read it. I always start the school year with a read-aloud in a series to help encourage the kids to read the other books. The best part about this series is you don't really have to read them in order. This series is of the best in my opinions for getting kids interested in reading. These books are great for boys and for girls and one you should definitely add to your child's or your classroom library!

This was another selfish class read-aloud :) I have had this book on my "To be Read"' list for YEARS...and after finishing it, I cannot believe I waiting as long as I did to finally read it! It was one of the most incredible books I have ever read, and even better it was a great book to share with my 4th graders. The main character has a brother with high-functioning autism and ends up befriending another child with cerebral palsy. It was a great lesson on compassion and how everyone is different...but we don't have to treat them differently. I would definitely recommend this book for child or adult!

I'm seriously laughing at myself for even picking this book up...and then even more so for reading it, finishing it in record time, and enjoying it. Without giving too much away this book is about a woman (who is obsessed with social media and portraying a perfect life) whose fiancĂ© breaks off their wedding at the rehearsal dinner. She is obviously distraught and after thinking long and hard she posts a FB status stating that she would like to go back and do over the last 30 days...well, magically she now has the power to change her life with FB statuses. She is given 30 days to fix everything that went wrong and make her fiancĂ© want to get married. It was cheesy, predictable, but surprisingly charming and enjoyable. While I wouldn't recommend it to a serious reader who only enjoys thought provoking fictional pieces...but if you are a lover of the occasionally mindless beach read...this book is for you :)

That is all I was able to manage this month...and I am hoping with the return of some of my energy and less nausea I can read a bit more next month. I have grabbed a couple of e-books that I can read on my early morning treadmill runs, so hopefully that will help!

Happy Reading!!

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