Friday, November 18, 2016

20 weeks: Oh BOY!

This has hands down been one of the best/most exciting weeks of this experience thus far. Our 20 week appointment was, for lack of better words, magical!! We hadn't seen our sweet baby since he was just 8 weeks old and a little blob. This time we could see all of his little features...and maybe I am bias...but he is pretty darn perfect. I mean seriously, I have loved this baby from the beginning, but seeing our sweet baby this week nearly made my heart burst!

How far along?
20 weeks

How big is baby?
A banana or a paper airplane  (~6.5" from head to rump; 10 oz- although the doctor said he was weighing closer to 12 oz at our appointment on Wednesday.) Clearly those Hostess Donettes have gone straight to his hips ;)

What's baby up to this week?
He's got working taste buds and is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day...this does not sound appetizing to me...but to each their own ;)

I felt really good all week, minus 2 bouts of heartburn or indigestion (I'm not sure I can tell the two apart at this point) but I learned quickly that it's sweets or too big of a helping of anything causing it, so I have started eating smaller meals more frequently and turning down that extra cupcake at lunch...which has helped tremendously #NothingBundtCakesWasWorthTheIndigestion

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing new...still just wearing my leggings and jeans....although I would like a pair of slacks for work...where should I buy these? Anyone? Anyone? #Bueller

Sleep was great this week minus 2 nights of insomnia...One night I woke up at 2AM and never went back to sleep and then another night it was 12:30AM...and I was never able to fall back asleep #Brutal

Missing Anything?
Not a thing!

I would say my donette obsession has subsided...especially because they are so sweet and sugary and that seems to be the common denominator in my heartburn/indigestion. Other than that no real cravings to report.

I have been avoiding sweets for my esophagus's benefit...but it's not really an aversion.

Minus a little cry session I had over spilled water (don't ask) I have been happy, happy, happy all week! I mean, how could I not be?!? We got to see our sweet, and most importantly healthy, baby at our doctor's appointment and were able to buy our first nursery decor and outfit.

Lots and lots of movement all day varies from twitches and butterflies to full on kicks and pokes! Last night while laying in bed the he gave an extra powerful little jab...and I quickly grabbed AJ's hand and put it on my stomach, and we "think" he may have felt his first kick. AJ got a look on his face like "was that it?!" at the same time I felt a little I am guessing it was! Looking forward to stronger, more frequent kicks as the next few weeks go by. (I may regret saying this when he starts kicking me at 3AM!) 

Best Moment of the week?
Seeing our baby BOY and having the doctor tell us that he is growing big and strong and is looking healthy! Also, my doctor said that pelvic pain after running was normal and long as it isn't a constant she said I could keep running :) #IWantedToHugHer

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
On the days following my bouts of insomnia words were exceptionally students had a few good chuckles at my expense ;) Good thing I like them so much!

Looking forward to?
Our gender reveal brunch with our families tomorrow morning!! Not being able to call my mom and dad right away was REALLY hard...but seeing their faces on Saturday morning will be so fun and oh so worth it. I'm a sucker for a good surprise and the anticipation that comes with it!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We bought a picture for the nursery and his first little outfit. I also bought a book from the school book fair...he will share my obsession for Pete the Cat! ;)

I took it pretty easy with running this week never going more than 3 miles and I slowed my pace WAY down. I have found that the treadmill offers a little lower impact and helps to control my while I hate might become my new norm...also, it's getting a little harder to run too far/long without a bathroom break!


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