Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anatomy Scan: Ma-gi-cal

Seriously...that is the only word I can seem to come up with at this time to describe our 20 week appointment and anatomy scan. This was THE appointment where we found out the gender of our sweet baby...and most importantly that HE was healthy and growing big and strong.

Going into the appointment I was most excited about learning whether Baby Smith was a boy or a girl and getting confirmation that everything was going well.

As a first time momma, having no clue what to expect...I didn't realize that it would be so much more than just finally knowing the gender and feeling the relief that our baby was healthy and strong.

The nurse asked us right away if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and we of course told her yes...she said she would start in that region and hopefully be able to tell us that first.

Well our baby is not a shy one because within seconds I knew exactly what I was looking at! The nurse confirmed what I thought I saw, and said "looks like you have a little boy"

For a few moments I was breathless...and I looked over at AJ and the look on his face was priceless. You see, I was pretty convinced that Baby Smith was a girl...and AJ trusted my intuition and was just as sure as I was...Truly my first thought when I saw the screen was "My little girl has a penis?!" this is how strongly I felt that this little babe was a girl.

Boy (no pun intended) were we wrong! And while I don't enjoy being wrong...this was one instance where I didn't mind one bit! We both would have been thrilled with a girl, heck it was what we had been thinking it would be for the last few months, but the minute we knew it was a boy we both knew that HE was exactly the right fit for our little family.

I started crying...and AJ even teared up a little...I mean, how could we not...this moment was more than either of us could imagine it would be.

The shock never really wore off...I'm still not sure it has...but we recovered and got back to the business at hand. The sonogram tech showed us our baby's face, spine, legs, arms, heart, little bitty fingers...and even one of his tiny ears! Each time she pointed out something new I oo'ed and ahh'ed because he is absolutely perfect!

The nurse printed out some pictures and we were sent back out into the waiting room for our appointment with the doctor right after...and seriously neither of us could wipe the silly grins off our faces. Our little boy was healthy and growing just like he should be...and looking at the sonogram pictures I couldn't help but feel this huge amount love swelling in my heart.

I have loved this baby from day one...but seeing him moving around and seeing these pictures made my heart about burst. I baby is all that cute in a sonogram picture...but I sure think ours is <3

This love I have for our son...literally makes my heart skip a beat. I had no idea I could love someone I had never met so stinking much. I can't even imagine how I will feel on the day he is born...I will likely need a few boxes of tissues.

Baby Smith...We love you more than we could have ever imagined and cannot wait for April when you make your debut...but for now, stay put, keep growing, and put some baby fat on those cheeks of yours, because I can't wait to plant kisses all over them!


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