Friday, December 2, 2016

22 Weeks: Life is good...oh so good!

Our baby boy is growing and kicking like crazy! His momma is learning to embrace the bump (and accepting that her clothes just don't fit the same) and loving every minute of this second trimester bliss!

How far along?
22 weeks

How big is baby?
An coconut or water bottle ~10.9" and 15.1oz

What's baby up to this week?
He is looking more and more like a newborn and sleeping 12-14 hours per day, but when he is awake he is trying to touch anything he can, whether it be his face, body or umbilical cord, he is working on his physical abilities and motor skills by practicing movement...which this mama is loving!

 A little back pain and shortness of breath if I am talking or going up the's getting crowded in that tiny torso of mine! Other than that though I have been feeling great!

Maternity Clothes?
Still just wearing my jeans and leggings...and I did end up buying a maternity coat for recess this winter...and I LOVE IT!! It's the kind of coat that I will be wearing long after baby is born because it is so warm and is really long so it keeps me extra warm! I also a couple pairs of maternity running leggings on Cyber Monday and it's amazing what a difference it made!

I have been sleeping great all week! I wake up a few times to adjust or use the restroom, but I promptly fall right back asleep!

Missing Anything?
Not a thing!

I've had quite a few bagels and cream cheese this week...I can't seem to get enough #CarbMe

Sweets are still aggravating my heartburn/indigestion so I have been trying to steer clear...which is kind of a bummer because my sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance.

I'm feeling really great...and finally understanding what people meant by the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy. Dare I be that annoying pregnant lady that says she kind of likes being pregnant? ;)

He is moving around all the time and I cannot get enough! I love those little reminders all day :) I'm really starting to feel him from the outside and even AJ has been able to feel him a few times, which is pretty fantastic :)

Best Moment of the week?
Getting the walls painted in the's officially the LAST room we will need to paint for awhile and that was a great feeling! Also the color we picked turned out beautifully! I like it even more than I thought I would.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Not really anything...I have been sleeping well and don't feel overly tired like before so I think that has helped!

Looking forward to?
We didn't get to go crib shopping last weekend, so we are going this weekend instead and I CAN.NOT.WAIT! The nursery is painted, we have the rocker ordered, and the crib is the last big thing before I can start decorating.

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We were really productive this last weekend thanks to Thanksgiving break...we got the room painted and ordered the rocker.

Running continues to be fabulous! I haven't had any hip or pelvic pain...but that is probably because I haven't run more than 4 miles at a time...but if that is what it takes I will do it! I am starting to notice the extra pounds though...those 7 extra lbs feels like a lot more when I am running! I can't imagine how much slower I will get as he (and I) get bigger and bigger!


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