Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Book Review

 I'm a few days late posting this...mostly because my fourth book for the month was still "in progress" up until yesterday...I'm usually a stickler for rules...but I also really hate not meeting my goal of 4 books per this time I am giving myself some slack. In reality I finished MOST of the book in November...and the last few chapters on December 3rd...and it's my my rules ;) 

This month was the end of a dry spell for sure...the last few months I have read several less than stellar books and too many chick-lit/beach read type books that left me wanting more. 

This month I read 3 of the best books I have read all year (top 10 for sure) and my fourth left a little to be desired, but I suppose you can't win them all :)
The first book I read this month was one I have had on hold at the library for months. I love, love, love Jodi Picoult, and clearly everyone else in Johnson County does too! This book was more than worth the wait though. It is your typical Picoult novel taking place mostly in a court room debating a highly controversial matter. This particular matter dealt with race, and was one that definitely made me think. I was reading it around the time of the election and it helped me to understand some of the feelings minorities felt. As a white middle class woman I can in no way begin to understand the way it feels to be judged based on the color of my skin...but this book opened my eyes to things I unintentionally ignored or didn't think about. Definitely a book worth reading!

This book was just plain adorable...and heart-wrenching...and uplifting...and did I say adorable? The main character in this book is 60 year old Arthur Pepper who has recently become a widow and is struggling to live life without his wife. A year after her death he finds a charm bracelet that he never knew she had and that is the catalyst for a little adventure Arthur goes on to learn more about wife. I found myself smiling, crying, and cheering Arthur on throughout this book. When the book was over I was sad to say goodbye to his character.

My third book is another favorite author of mine...and another LONG wait on the library holds list. I zipped through this book in record time. I read many reviews before I began reading it and I have to say I was a little hesitant, several people didn't like it. It is not your typical love story (although it does include somewhat of a love story) and is more about the unraveling of a relationship and the journey to healing and picking up the pieces. I loved this book from beginning to end...although it was a bit predictable (but aren't all of his books?)

I picked this book up randomly at the library...and I wish I had promptly put it back down. The title and the witty description on the back of the book had me thinking this would be a humorous look at the not so glamorous parts of pregnancy...and while I would say it was sort of that way...I found myself more annoyed with the author than anything. No...pregnancy isn't glamorous, and some stuff just flat out stinks...but I felt like instead of laughing about it and making light of those moments she turned it into a scare tactic book. I thought the writing was disjointed and disorganized and I had trouble relating to anything she said. 

I read Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs" a few months ago and would recommend that over this ANY day!

So that's November...I'm hoping to get a few more read in December with the approach of winter break! My original goal was 52 books for 2016 and I ended up hitting that about 13 books ago, so I changed my goal to 70 books which means I need 5 for December...think I can do it? I sure hope so :) 


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