Friday, December 30, 2016

26 Weeks: Weepy McWeeperson

I don't feel like I am getting that much bigger...but my clothes said otherwise this week :)

How far along?
26 weeks

How big is baby?
Kale or a bowling pin  ~14" and ~1.68 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is continuing to put on fat, and his eyes are open now so he will be more responsive to light.


Nothing worth noting...besides an expanding mid-section and some minor Braxton Hicks contractions (my doctor said this was completely normal as long as they are not painful)

Maternity Clothes?
Mainly pants and leggings...but I got a few maternity tops for Christmas, and I have to say it's nice to have clothes that are fitting properly.

I had a relentless cold early this week and lots of congestion and that made a few nights pretty tough to sleep.

Missing Anything?
Breathing out of my nose and being able to take cold medicine. 

Not cold made my appetite hit and miss.


 I think I've cried more this week than I have in my entire life...I'm not a crier...but this week tears flowed pretty freely. Happy tears, sad tears, mad tears, tears just because it felt good...I attribute some of it to being sick and overtired...but I'm sure the hormones didn't help

Still my favorite part of being pregnant. I love feeling lil' man moving around in there...although, some of his lower kicks are not the most comfortable. 

Best Moment of the week?
Christmas and lots of family time is the obvious choice here! 

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Words are just so damn hard these days...I referred to AJ as the "coroner" of our Fantasy Football League instead of the commissioner, and mistakenly got Subaru and Suburban confused. Good thing my family loves me anyway :-)

Looking forward to?
A low key NYE with AJ

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We have the crib, changing table, and rocker all ready to now it's time for the fun stuff! This week my mom and I spent no less than 6 hours digging through fabric to find the PERFECT combo for Baby Smith's quilt. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Above freezing temps and winter break made for some excellent running this week! I even ran 5 miles one day this's not far, but farther than I have run in almost 2 mos so that felt pretty good. I have some soreness in my hips and pelvis after a longer run outside, but it's not bad and doesn't last long, so that's good. 


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