Friday, January 13, 2017

28 Weeks: Third Trimester...we have arrived!

The bump certainly is growing these days...I discovered that I can no longer hide behind things and scare AJ without the bump giving me away :)
How far along?
28 weeks/7mos

How big is baby?
An eggplant or roller blade  ~14.8" and ~2.2lbs

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is continuing to put on fat which will aid him in regulating his body temperature. He continues to dream, cough, and practice his breathing #ClearlyHeIsGifted

The fatigue seems to be creeping back in...but I am not sure if that's just because I am coming off a 2 week winter break or what? I'm pretty sure all teachers were extra tired this week ;) I also had a bit of swelling in my poor ankles after a long day on Thursday and I have had some abdominal pain (a stretching/sore feeling) but other than that I am feeling GREAT!
Maternity Clothes?
Mixing maternity and regular clothes...and I am not sure how much longer my shirts can hold on...unless crop tops are cool for pregnant ladies? #AskingForAFriend

Sleep has been hit and miss this week...I would say I mostly slept great, I did have a few nights where I was extra restless and never got into a deep sleep. I haven't hit the uncomfortable stage yet (Thank you Mr. Snoogle) but I haven't been sleeping quite as soundly or falling back asleep after my bathroom breaks as quickly.

Missing Anything?
 I thought about Sushi and Margaritas a lot this week...

Nothing specific...although, I am still loving my sweets (which isn't that abnormal for me)


I'm feeling really good! I had a few weeks there where I was a little extra emotional (crying for no reason) but this past week I have been nothing but happy, happy, happy! 

This baby is a mover and a shaker! Constant kicks, nudges, and full on flips that I can feel and see...which I of course love <3

Best Moment of the week?

We had a surprise snow day that was announced the night before! I was exhausted after a long week, and an exceptionally long day on Thursday so I crawled into bed around 8:30 and as I was setting an early alarm I got a text from a friend saying "School is cancelled tomorrow" Talk about a second wind...I ran downstairs as fast as I could shouting and cheering #ImAChild
This snow day was oh so appreciated...and I spent it doing absolutely nothing and didn't feel one ounce of guilt about it either!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
I felt surprisingly with it this week...which is very abnormal ;) 

Looking forward to?
My next doctors appointment on Monday...I'm ready to get this dreaded glucose test out of the way! 

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
Finished up our baby registry and I am happy to say it went much smoother than I anticipated. We put together our registries completely online so we didn't even have to get out and wander the store aimlessly for hours like we did with our wedding registry. 

When I first got pregnant my initial goal was to make it through the 2nd trimester safely and comfortably...and here we are! #Success #MyLittleRunnersHeartIsSoHappy

My ultimate goal now would be to make it up to delivery...but I am realistic and I will take things day by day...and when my body says so, I will stop. This past week I had one run where I struggled big time and had to take several walk breaks...but then 2 days later I busted out 3 miles and felt fabulous. I'm sure walk-breaks are going to become more common, and I am okay with that. My main focus is a healthy baby...and keeping my body strong for the marathon that is headed my way #ChildBirth #Yikes


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