Sunday, January 1, 2017

December Book Review

Thank goodness for Winter Break...after reading at least 4 books a month ALL year...I cut it VERY close this month! As of Dec. 20th I had read ONE...yep, that is right ONE book...

My New Year's Resolution was to read 4 books a month...and there was NO WAY I was going to fail this close to the needless to say MUCH of my winter break was spent reading #PoorMe

I'm happy to say that I did finish all 4 books this the skin of my teeth...

The last page of my LAST book of the year...notice the time at the top of my iPad...11:38PM. Good thing we were extra lame and stayed in this year :)

Luckily, this month I ended up with 4 pretty good books which made my all day Readathons rather enjoyable :)

This book most definitely took me most of the month to's not that I didn't like it...but we were busy and I didn't LOVE reading was often put on the back burner. I had heard rave reviews about this book and I always love a good WW2 novel...but this one, while good...wasn't the best I have read (and I have read a lot) I felt the book was a bit predictable and drug on at parts...I was definitely glad to be done with it when I finally got to the last page.

I love, love, love Liane Moriarty...and this book was no exception. I felt like this book was the perfect mixture of the other books of hers that I had read...I liked the underlying mystery and honestly it kept me guessing close to the end. I only gave it 4 stars on my Goodreads account because the ending fell REALLY flat. I was disappointed in how she wrapped the story up...but the rest of the book was good enough that I can get over it...eventually :)

This book caught me off guard at first...Paris for One is the main story (about 200 pages) and then there are a handful of short stories included as well. I wasn't sure what to expect...but turns out I LOVED it! Paris for One...was a good story that I read in one day and then the short stories were short, sweet, and really enjoyable! I think this was the PERFECT book for my winter break!

A blogger I follow posted a year end review of all of her books from this year and said that this was her favorite book of the year...and as luck would have it, when I checked the library they had it available so I checked it out with HIGH expectations.

The book was really good...I loved the story...and enjoyed the bit of mystery...but felt it was a bit predictable. I found myself a bit frustrated with the characters being so dense as they were uncovering clues...HOWEVER, there was a twist at the end that I didn't touche Carolyn got me on that one :) 

While I wouldn't call it my favorite book of the year, it might have been my favorite book for the's a tie between this one and "The Last Anniversary" because I loved them both...but there was just a  little something missing for me in both of them.

Overall, it was a good month...and a GREAT year for reading! I set a goal at the beginning of 2016 to read at least 4 books per month (52 for the year) and I ended up reading 68 books! This is by far one of my favorite resolutions yet! 

Next year, with baby coming I know I won't have as much time to read so I am going to be a little more realistic in my 2017 goal...I'm hoping to read 24 books for the year (about 2 per month) and I am going to use the next 3 months before baby comes to read as much as possible...because once he is here, I am sure cuddles will trump reading every time :)


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