Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Embracing 2017

A few days ago I posted about my "Ghosts of New Year's Resolutions Past" and at that time I couldn't quite find the words to explain the details of how I plan to work my "One Little Word" into my daily life in 2017.

Now, as an avid "New Year's Resolutioner" I have been thinking about this "One Little Word" for months now.

I knew the minute I found out I was pregnant (well maybe I wasn't thinking about my New Year's Resolution right at that moment lol!) that a specific resolution or goal for 2017 would leave me feeling stressed out or like a failure, because let's be is about to change in the Smith household...and being first time parents means we have no clue what is headed our way, or how much our lives will change.

As 2017 kept creeping closer and closer I found myself going back and forth trying to figure out the perfect word, and couldn't quite settle on "the one"...and then while at church for Christmas Eve service it finally hit a ton of bricks. That night's sermon was all about "embracing the mess" and not expecting perfection from ourselves or others around us...and how often times expecting things to go or be a certain way leaves us feeling unfulfilled or like what we have isn't quite enough. Her words were encouraging us to embrace the mess and enjoy the little moments even if they don't turn out exactly as we had let go of perfection and find the good in things as is.

You was like she was talking directly to me.

You see...I am a recovering Type A's something I have been aware of for years now and something I have worked on...and while I have definitely made progress...I still have my moments where I let the idea of "perfection" get in the way.

After church, the sermon just kept replaying over and over again in my head...and that is when I knew that my word for 2017 just had to be...

In 2017 I want to Embrace...

The Mess
The Unknown
Mistakes (my own as well as others)
The Unexpected
My family

...and most of all...I want to embrace what matters most. 

Our lives are about to be turned upside down, in the best way possible, come April, and I want to embrace every fleeting second of it. I know being new parents is going to be far from easy...and this baby will test every Type-A tendency I have...but I really want to focus on enjoying the little moments because I know they will go way too fast. I want to worry less about being perfect and more about taking in these oh so precious moments that are headed our way. 

While this resolution literally requires nothing of me physically, in an attempt to keep myself accountable and to keep my word in the forefront of my mind I want to try and write a monthly blog post with how I will attempt to "embrace" what is headed my way and celebrate the little ways that I have successfully embraced moments from the month before. 

In the spirit of embracing...I will be embracing the unexpected, and with a little one in the picture I can't make any promises on these posts. They may get posted...they may not. I will give myself grace in this department...there may be 3 posts in one month and none in another...because come April I'm sure I will have something more important than blogging that I want to embrace ;)

I have a feeling that 2017 just might be our best year yet and I can't wait to embrace every single wonderful moment. 


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