Friday, February 3, 2017

31 Weeks: Putting on my socks is a workout

Rest assured...that is not my belly button popping out, I guess I just didn't get my shirt completely smoothed out. However, my poor little belly button is hanging on by a thread and I can't imagine it will be much longer before it pops out!  

How far along?
31 weeks

How big is baby?
Asparagus or foam finger
 ~16.1" and ~3.31 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is going through major brain and nerve development this week. All 5 of his senses are now in working order and his irises are now reacting to light.

The silver lining of GD is that any and all indigestion/heartburn seems to have subsided. It wasn't bad at all prior to this, but eating 6 smaller meals (and completely cutting out sweets) has made it non-existent...Other than that I have just had some shortness of breath and some swelling in my ankles after a long day of teaching.

Maternity Clothes?
I bought a few maternity tanks and they are glorious!

This cold/congestion/ruthless cough stuck around WAY too long #ThanksImmuneSystem and there were a few nights where my cough and congestion woke me up and made it impossible to fall back asleep. The last few nights have been pretty good though, so hopefully I am on the up and up!

Missing Anything?
Being able to put on my socks and shoes without having to take a break to catch my breath or ask my husband for help. My Apple watch has even automatically logged a few workouts while I was putting on or taking off my socks and shoes #SoThatsCool 

A good night's sleep? I suppose I am just preparing for when baby is here :) I'm just so bummed because I haven't yet hit the uncomfortable stage, so without this cough/cold I would likely be sleeping great! 

Not a thing! My appetite is still hit or miss...I often struggle to eat all my meals/snacks throughout the day, and I attribute this to the fact that I am eating high protein/high fiber foods that keep me full for longer periods of time...that and a crowded stomach. 

Definitely on the up and up this week...a little over a week into my diet change and checking my blood sugar 4x a day, and I am feeling really confident that I will be able to keep my GD in check for the next 9 weeks and baby and I will be just fine!

This is hands down my favorite part of pregnancy! I don't think seeing or feeling him move around will ever get old! However...I could do with a few less kicks to the ribs!  

Best Moment of the week
Hearing little babe's heartbeat at my doctor's appointment and hearing from my doctor that as long as I continue to be able to control my numbers with diet and exercise that things will continue as normal. I won't need extra scans, appointments, or to think about early inductions.

And, at my last appointment little man had been measuring a bit ahead and this week he was measuring right on track, which was a huge relief because I had been worried that he had been measuring ahead because of the GD and I was on the fast track to a 10lb baby...but apparently measuring ahead and behind by 1 or 2 weeks is pretty normal. 

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
My meals, snacks, and blood sugar checks have taken over my brain, so I am forgetting little things here and there. I forgot to wear my wedding rings to work one day (which hasn't happened in forever) and I can't seem to find the words for things...that thing that holds our clothes is a dresser in case you were wondering :)

Looking forward to?
Last week I said I was looking forward to a low-key weekend and we ended up being pretty busy Saturday and this upcoming weekend is pretty clear thus far, so hopefully we can keep it that way :)

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We booked our newborn photographer and we are REALLY looking forward to working with Angie at Plank Photography. I have been swooning over her photos for the last year and I can't wait for her to take Baby Smith's pics! I also scheduled our pre-admission visit, our prenatal visit with our pediatrician, and signed up for a breast-feeding's crazy to think how close we are getting!

 Even with a cold running has been fabulous this seemed to be the only time I was not coughing or struggling to breathe, which doesn't quite make sense...but if I can get some relief I will take it! I am still just sticking to the treadmill because I have zero soreness after...but this weekend I am signed up for a 5k...let's hope I don't have to try and beg Kala to carry me across the finish line ;)


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