Friday, February 10, 2017

32 weeks: Ice cream is always an acceptable side dish

32 weeks...8 months...holy cow! It's hard to believe we are in the homestretch with only 8 weeks left! I'm definitely starting to feel big and slow...and if something falls on the floor? It no longer exists to me ;) 

How far along?
32 weeks

How big is baby?
A squash or a plastic scooter board
 ~16.6" and ~3.75 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
He is getting ready for his descent and is likely in the head-down position now (if his hiccups are any indication...this is accurate), and he is probably feeling even more cramped (well I guess that makes two of us!)

3rd trimester fatigue has officially set in along with breathlessness...please don't talk to me for at least 5 minutes after I have climbed the stairs...and if you visit my classroom during read-aloud? Please don't judge ;)

Maternity Clothes?
Besides my tanks I haven't bought anything in awhile...I don't have many maternity clothes, and I just can't bring myself to buy more. I am desperately holding on to anything and everything in my closet that still fits and wearing the handful of maternity clothes I do own on rotation.

Sleeping MUCH better this week! I am counting my lucky stars that I haven't experienced any insomnia or dealt with being too uncomfortable when trying to sleep...I still give Mr. Snoogle all the credit there! I do make a visit to the restroom at least 3 times during the night...but I have managed to get this routine down without hardly waking up ;)

Missing Anything?
Just about everything...when you're pregnant there is a list a mile long of things you can't/shouldn't have...deli meat, sushi, beer, etc....and now with GD my list is even longer. I would say the biggest thing for me is snacking...I miss being able to grab a little something whenever it strikes my fancy. 

Milk, milk, and more milk...luckily, this is on my approved list, but I can really only have one 8oz glass with lunch or dinner. I could drink a gallon of this stuff right now, but I will choose to be grateful that I can have it at all!

Not a thing! I finally kicked this nasty cold and my appetite has returned, which is nice.

I didn't cry one time this week...which is a total win in my books :)

My pregnancy app says that he is sleeping 95% of the time now, but I don't believe that non-sense at all. He is constantly kicking, pushing, poking, and rolling around in there...but I can't say that I mind too much :)

Best Moment of the week
This is going to sound really pathetic...but I had ice cream with dinner one night this week and my numbers stayed within range and I was on cloud 9. After a few weeks of figuring out how my body processes different foods I wanted to experiment and see if I could have a little treat. I chose a night where our dinner was high protein and very low carb and instead of adding a carb loaded side-dish I chose to use my carb allowance on ice cream instead...because let's be honest, ice cream is a totally acceptable side dish ;) When I checked my numbers before bed I was pleasantly surprised that they were not only within range, but lower than they have been this whole time! Obviously, I won't make this a habit, but knowing I can treat myself here and there is such a great feeling!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Words continue to be hard...especially at school. My kids have gotten used to finishing sentences for me and correcting me without too much giggling ;) I always just tell them "I'm testing them to make sure they are paying attention"

Looking forward to?
Next week is conference week which means a 4-day weekend! WAHOO!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We haven't purchased anything, but we got 2 gifts in the mail this week! It's amazing how excited we both got over these items that we won't personally get to use ;) We actually talked about how much more fun it is to get stuff for the baby than it is for ourselves...I think that just means we are officially parents now. 

 On Sunday, my friend Kala and I ran the Kickoff 5k which was really fun! The weather was nice and the company was even better...I could have done without the massive hills though! We finished in about 36 minutes, which isn't bad considering we walked the uphill portions and took it pretty easy. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't sore at all afterwards...I might have to try getting back outdoors again :)



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