Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 2

It's officially been 2 weeks since I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and I have to say that on one hand things have gotten SO much easier...I have a much better understanding of what foods I can eat and when...and mini celebration...I have even eaten out twice! Granted it was Panera and Jason's Deli, but being able to step out of my rigid pre-planned meals is a win in my books!! I have found that as the days go by, I am not as stressed about counting every last carb and weighing out my food #ItsThePerfectionistInMe

However, in a way, I have to say it's also gotten a little tougher. I've had several moments where I have had cravings and have had to stop myself from popping a Tootsie Roll...or three. That first week I was sick and didn't have an appetite so it didn't really affect me...but now I am missing those foods more than ever....and all I want to do is dive head first into all the sweets, all the time! I have a feeling it has something to do with being told I can't ;) I have also had a few moments (brief as they were, I need to be honest) of "it's not fairs" when I get emails from my pregnancy app saying it's okay to give into your cravings...umm...I was specifically told not to! #Rude

The good news is I am in the homestretch of pregnancy...8 more weeks until I am holding my sweet baby in my arms and all of this will be behind me! 8 weeks isn't long...but I have a feeling it will drag...prior to being diagnosed I wasn't feeling like I wanted time to go faster because #SoMuchLeftToDo...but now I am really anxious for him to be here and to be reassured that everything is indeed okay and that he is healthy!

Here is a quick recap of the last week...


The diet is getting much easier to understand/manage. I already had a pretty good grasp of how to read labels and choose the right foods, but after 2 weeks it feels more natural and I don't feel as overwhelmed when making decisions on the fly as I did in the beginning.

Finding meals got a little tricky at first because I was so worried about having exactly the right amount of carbs and was super strict about this...but I have found that I can eye-ball it and just read the ingredients and determine pretty easily what works and what doesn't.

And for the best news of the week...I had ice cream last night and my numbers were lower than they have been this entire time! I was a little nervous with my experiment...but I figured if I paired my ice cream with a low-carb dinner/high protein dinner...(ice cream is an acceptable side dish, right?) then I could stay within my carbs and make sure it was paired with a substantial protein to help counteract it. I was a little nervous for the 2 hours before I could test...but the minute "86" (I am supposed to stay below 120) popped up on the screen I did a little happy dance! I obviously won't be making this a habit...but knowing I can treat myself safely on occasion was such a freeing feeling...and good for my sanity!

I have also found some really good snacks that a) I enjoy b) are easy to manage on the go or at school and c) are a perfect balance of carbs/protein. In the first week I was having trouble keeping my ketone levels low...and this week I have had zero or trace amounts each day! My diabetic counselor even told me I could stop testing for these #Hallelujah #PeeingOnAStickWhen8MonthsPregnantIsTricky


I've gotten really good at testing very discreetly at school and I have it down to an art. It literally takes me seconds and no one even notices. This weekend I was with my mom at Target when I had to test and coincidentally we were in the candy aisle...I mean, talk about irony ;)  My numbers have been consistently low (not too low, I asked), and my doctor told me that as long as they stay like this and I am able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise nothing changes as far as my bi-weekly appointments and delivery! #Wahoo


This last week I made sure to get some sort of exercise each night...whether it be running, Jazzercise, or a quick walk. I am extremely fortunate that I have been able to stay as active as I am without being uncomfortable. I told AJ, my body better cooperate, because running is the only thing I have left that brings me joy...obviously I am over-exaggerating, but seriously...you can take away my wine and sweets and treats and I will manage...but take away my endorphins/stress release #WatchOut


I'm a totally different person emotionally than I was 2 weeks ago...I didn't cry once this week and I have been sleeping great. I don't find myself worrying constantly about the baby and how this is affecting him. My doctor was so reassuring about the whole thing at my last appointment and told me that as long as I am keeping my numbers below 120 baby will be just fine.

While my worries are so much less, I think I still have the first time mom anxiety brewing in the back of my mind. I think constantly about my sweet boy and pray every day that he is born healthy and strong...but I can't imagine that is all that different from other moms. #ImTotallyNormal

I think that is it for this week...pretty boring huh? In pregnancy though...that is the way I like it ;)


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