Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 4

I can't believe it's already been a month...it has gone surprisingly fast...as has this pregnancy! How do we have just over 6 weeks until he is here?!? I was sure this diagnoses would make this last trimester drag on, but it has still just been cruising along...Talk to me again in a month when I am 38 weeks pregnant and ready to evict him and I may be singing a different tune, but right now it seems as if time is on hyper-speed!


Things seem to be getting a little easier on this front...I have established some go-to meals and found ways to get as creative as possible. Breakfast has been my biggest struggle...finding the perfect balance of protein and carbs is tricky...Eggs are a great source of protein...but I do have to say I am SERIOUSLY tired of them. We have gone through a record number of eggs in the last month...

I'm trying my best to eat them in different ways...fried, scrambled, hard-boiled...anything to break up the monotony, especially considering I am not the biggest fan of eggs in the first place.

 Luckily, my Goose came to my rescue with the most delicious no-carb pancake recipe!

I ended up adding a scoop of chocolate protein powder (and skipped the sweetener) and I have to say they were a delicious treat! Notice we still added eggs on the side...this is just my life for the next 6 weeks I suppose ;) 

I have found a few creative ways to get in protein at breakfast and avoid eggs all together...

Yes...that is cottage cheese on my toast...and no, this is not a pregnancy craving. I actually used to eat this all the time during marathon training. It is a delicious treat, do yourself a favor and try it!

Protein shakes and turkey sausage links have been my best friends :) I have also been adding in a half of a banana whenever I have the extra carbs because I have been having some leg cramps at night (OUCH!) and bananas always seem to do the trick! However, since they are so high on the glycemic index I only eat half at a time to avoid spikes in my blood sugar. 

Lunch is really easy because it's usually just leftovers from dinner the night before...or Tuna fish sandwiches. I have been getting the packets of tuna and mixing it with mayo and sweet relish (and sometimes even reluctantly adding a hard-boiled egg) 

Dinner is hands-down my favorite...we have found some amazing new recipes and it's gotten easier and easier to find these low-carb recipes each week especially the more I learn about this diet and how my body responds to different foods. I usually find them on Pinterest...and then my sweet husband cooks them #WeMakeAGoodTeam

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Zoodles
This is hands down my very favorite meal we have tried thus far! I love, love, love Italian food...and this allows me to still indulge in my favorite comfort food while avoiding all the extra carbs.

Fajita Roll Ups
Fajita roll ups are another favorite of mine because I can eat them with a small serving of rice, guacamole, and Greek yogurt (we sub this for sour cream) and then still enjoy a side of ice cream without my numbers going crazy. #AllTheProtein 

We have several other favorites, but I don't have photos of those...maybe I will share some of those meals next week ;)


I'm getting REAL tired of testing my blood sugar 4x a day...I'm hoping at my next doctor's appointment she will give me the okay to test less. I have breakfast figured out...so I could likely skip that one altogether, but we will see.

My fasting numbers have stayed consistently below what they are looking for (90) which is such a relief. From what I have read this is usually the number people struggle with, which in turn requires them to be put on insulin. As long as I can control all my numbers with diet and don't need insulin I am not considered high risk. #SoFarSoGood

In the last 4 weeks that I have been testing my numbers have been consistently good (on the lower end even) and staying mostly around 100 or below (they want me <120) except two times...

The first time was my 2nd day on the diet and while I panicked I knew it would take some getting used to...the second time however was this past weekend and it really freaked me out.

I had started feeling really confident about my ability to eye-ball foods and not measure everysinglething...and then BAM...reality slapped me in the face, and the worst part is, I am still not sure what happened.

My grandparents were in town from Ohio so my mom grilled out...brats and hamburgers. I went with a brat because the buns were smaller (had less carbs) and the brat had more protein. I paired it with a big salad and lots of veggies and a 1/3 cup of my mom's famous beans (which I could eat by the pound!) and 2 hours after dinner I tested my numbers and it was a 133!! I couldn't believe it and thought it HAD to be a mistake so I tested again...and got the same thing. What the heck?

I was really upset...and not because it was high...because one high reading won't hurt me or baby...but because I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. I am still struggling to figure it out...The only things I can think are 1) Not enough protein in the brat 2) The Fresca I had (which only has 1 carb) had grapefruit juice in it (although it lists NO SUGAR)
3) My mom's beans have 4 million carbs or 5) It was a bad reading/monitor issue.

Regardless...I tested an hour later (for my own sanity) and it was already down to 86 (which is lower than my ideal fasting number) so I know it wasn't elevated for too long.

I was also disappointed because I have to report my numbers today...and I was really hoping to get the okay to test less...this might put a kink in that :(

Other than that...testing is still fine...it's not all that painful (most of the time) but I sure will be glad when I can stop pricking my finger 4x a day.


I'm feeling really fortunate that my body is still handling my running and working out like a champ. It definitely helps my numbers to stay low...and to keep my sanity in tact ;)

I've been trying to run 3-4 days per week and go to Jazzercise at least 2 days a week and I am hoping I can continue this as long as possible...which ideally would be the day of/before delivery, but I am not delusional. After our first child-birth class and our teacher talking about the baby dropping...I have a feeling once he does that running may be completely off the table.


Minus feeling really down about my numbers Saturday, things have been going really well. I have adjusted well to the new diet and don't even really feel that deprived. I also did well at my baby shower on Sunday...there was lots of yummy food, cookies, and my favorite bundt cakes (mean right?) and I didn't feel like I had to struggle to stay away from it. It definitely helped that I was able to save a bundt cake for my dinner later that night...I just paired it with a heavy protein dinner and my numbers were great!

I only have about 6 weeks left...and while I am anxious for little man to be here, and to not have to be as strict with my diet, I plan to try and keep eating as healthy as possible even after he is born. Not only do I want to make sure the baby is getting the best nutrients possible while I am breast feeding, but I also wouldn't mind losing the baby weight a little quicker ;) #SilverLining


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