Friday, March 24, 2017

38 Weeks: Gettin' Swole

Things are getting awfully snug around shirts, my uterus! I have also become a card-carrying member of the waddle squad #BeJealous

How far along?
38 weeks 

How big is baby?
Winter Melon or a Ukulele
 ~19.6" and ~6.61 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
He is slowly shedding that white goo on his skin called the vernix caseosa, although some might still remain at birth. You should have seen AJ's face when they told us about this at our child birth class...he is in for a real treat come d-day :)

My poor, poor, sausage feet! I had been having some slight swelling the last few weeks, but usually only after a long day on my feet and even then I could alleviate most of the swelling by sitting down and putting my feet up...but now? They are in a permanent state of swole!

I've also been having what my doctor called pre-labor contractions...but since they aren't regular or getting more intense they are just my bodies way of preparing for the big day. more thing...I'm burning alive from the inside out. My face and neck feel and look sunburned...but nope, just hormones #PregnancyIsGlamorous

Maternity Clothes?
This has to be the worst part right now...getting dressed is no fun at all. The warmer than average temperatures have me rotating my 4 short sleeved shirts hoping no one notices my outfit repeats :) 

I'm so grateful that sleep is still relatively easy to come by these days. I did have one night where I just couldn't get comfortable because my belly felt so heavy, and AJ finally suggested I use our small decorative pillow to prop my belly up and it was glorious. My husband is a genius :)

Missing Anything?

Milk, milk, and more milk! And while it's not completely GD friendly I have found some high protein/low carb milk so I can satisfy my craving...and I can even have chocolate milk on occasion!

Not a thing!

I am a roller-coaster of emotions...on one hand I am absolutely giddy with excitement that we could be meeting our little boy ANY day! However, that "any day" thing is a little anxiety inducing as well...I'm a planner and words like "soon" or "someday" are not usually ones I prefer to use in BIG life-changing situations :)

Still lots of pushes and nudges...and some nights it feels like he is trying to push his way out...I keep trying to tell him he can escape at any time now :)

Best Moment of the week
We found out this weekend that we are going to be getting some new neighbors in a few weeks...and let's just say these are some of my VERY favorite people!

Pregnancy Brain Moments
I live in a constant state of pregnancy brain these days :) 

Looking forward to?
Not being pregnant anymore...while I have loved getting to experience this little miracle...I am more than ready to have my body back. I can't wait to sleep on my stomach, drink a beer, and walk through a crowded room without rubbing my belly on some poor unsuspecting person :)

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
The nursery is DONE!! I have been buying things and shoving them in his closet and crib for the last few months, and we decided this weekend it was time to FINALLY get things hung on the wall...and I have to say it turned out even better than I ever imagined! I love, love, love his little room!

I also ordered a personalized Easter basket and chair from lil' man officially officially has a name! #Finally #Whew

Tuesday was my last official attempt at a run. This last weekend I went out and made it about a mile before my legs begged me to stop. When I stopped my calves and shins were aching so bad it was hard to even walk. I was convinced it was the impact from the trail/sidewalks so I tried again on the treadmill Tuesday morning and after about .25 miles my legs said #NOPE

I was then planning on at least continuing with Jazzercise, but Wednesday after work on my way to a class I took a slight detour and ended up getting a pedicure instead of working out #Oops

I'm thinking the next 2 weeks shall be spent with my feet propped up and relaxing...and maybe throwing in the occasional walk to encourage lil' man to come out!




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