Tuesday, April 4, 2017

39 Weeks: Welcome to the world, Bennett Oliver Smith

Lil' man just couldn't wait a day longer to meet his mommy and daddy...and we are sure glad he didn't! At 38 weeks 5 days Bennett Oliver made a quick and dramatic entrance into the world!

How far along?
38 weeks 5 days...looks like he got the early gene from his mama :)

How big is baby?
6lbs 12 oz, 19.5" long

What's baby up to this week?
Baby spent the week listening to my voice and continuing to develop his brain.

I had a sudden burst of energy this weekend and the need to nest ALLTHETHINGS! I always thought nesting was a made up thing...but when I thought I needed to clean up and organized the garage...I knew it was real. Thank goodness for a husband who humored me because we got everything completed prior to Bennett's arrival. 

I also had all sorts of inconsistent contractions all week, and just when I started to think that we needed to start timing them they would stop. 

Maternity Clothes?
I officially made it through with only having to purchase a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, a pair of dress pants and a handful of tops and tank tops and mixing those with dresses and cardigans that I already owned.

I was lucky to sleep pretty great throughout the pregnancy. I was up a few times in the middle of the night this week with contractions, but they always went away and I was able to fall back asleep easily.

Missing Anything?
Not running this week was hard, but I went on a few walks which was nice for the fresh air...and clearly it worked to move things along :)

Nothing really...I didn't have much of an appetite.

Sunday night AJ made his famous chili (my favorite) and after a few bites I was super nauseous and sick to my stomach. It tasted funny and just didn't sit right and I couldn't finish it.
I then spent 10 minutes digging through the fridge trying to find something that sounded good...because with GD I can't just not eat...which is what I really wanted to do :(

I had a little anxiety on Saturday because we still had SO MUCH  WE HAD TO DO (in my crazy mind) and we started several projects but couldn't finish until Sunday...I had myself convinced I was going to go into labor Saturday night and leave the house a mess :) Luckily, we got everything done and ready before my water broke Wednesday night! 

Pushes, nudges, and lots of reminders that he was running out of space.

Throughout the pregnancy I felt like he was always moving and kicking me...and now that he is here I can see that this was true! He kicks his legs constantly...even when he is sound asleep. Future runner in the making? #IThinkYes

Best Moment of the week
Meeting our sweet baby boy! 

Pregnancy Brain Moments
Nothing specific, but I had a lot more trouble staying focused on anything for a long period of time. 

Looking forward to?
The next 18 weeks with my lil' man! I plan to soak up every single second! 

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We bought a deep freeze this weekend, moved our bedroom around (so the pack n' play would fit better) and moved our bedroom TV into the living room...I was a nesting fool! 

No running...no Jazzercise...but I did go on several long walks. I wanted to be one of those super-human pregnant ladies that was able to run up until the very end, but between my shins/calves and my hips/pelvis it just isn't in the cards.

People always say that being active during pregnancy makes for a quick and easy delivery...and I have to say in my case this was so true!

For the next 6 weeks I plan to take it easy and spend all my time soaking up these priceless moments with my little guy! I can't wait to get back to running...but I will be taking it easy and listening to my body so I can come back strong and injury free.




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