Friday, April 21, 2017

Life with Bennett: A Day in the Life (3 Weeks)

I have to confess...there were several times yesterday, that I almost threw in the towel on this post..we had was a rough night, followed by a chaotic morning. However, I want these day in the life posts to accurately portray what life was like during this time...and chaos is sometimes the name of the game when you have a newborn and no clue what you are doing :)

6:13 AM: I wake up in the rocker/recliner with B on my chest. We have "transitioned" to the crib (his choice, not mine) and I have been working so hard to avoid falling asleep in the chair snuggling him...but when it means a 3 hour stretch of sleep instead of 45 mins...I do what I have to! Wednesday night was a doozy when it came to sleeping...he was up every hour or so (cluster feeding perhaps)...and had peed and pooped on 2 different swaddlers, the changing pad, and his sheets...this is not the norm...I think he was just welcoming me to week 3 with a bang :)

6:15AM: B starts to wake up so I reluctantly climb out of the chair and proceed to change his diaper...and yep, you guessed it...he peed all over me. I call to AJ so he can come in and help me get everything cleaned up, and B proceeds to scream bloody murder. He does not like his diaper changed, he does not like to be naked...and he was HANGRY...lethel combo :)

 Jammies on and binky in place calmed him down for a few minutes...until he remembered how hungry he was :)

6:25AM- Time to eat! The crying stops immediately when he realizes he is getting what he wants...typical ;)

6:40AM- I burp him and he falls right back asleep. I take a few minutes for some extra snuggles before he starts rooting around again like he is still hungry...I comply, but it doesn't last long and he falls back asleep while eating.

 7:00 AM- After a few more snuggles I take him into the office to hang out with daddy and head downstairs to make breakfast. I decided to make breakfast burritos...and on a lack of sleep I am not sure why I thought this was a good idea. I forgot to spray the pan (the eggs stuck to it something awful) and I made a big mess (keep this in mind when I tell you I was "cleaning the kitchen" basically the rest of the morning)

7:10- With breakfast complete I head downstairs to eat, pump, and watch a bit of the RHOBH reunion...I have only been watching the same episode for 3 days now :)

7:25- I head upstairs to clean the pump parts and start cleaning up breakfast. I leave the pan in the sink to soak, hoping that will make it easier to get clean later :)

7:35- I head upstairs to the office to check on Daddy and B. B is still sleeping and AJ and I chat a bit and decide that we are going to try introducing a bottle today. We had been told to wait until 2-4 weeks old...and smack dab in the middle at 3 weeks seemed like a good idea to me :)

7:45- I go downstairs to sanitize a bottle for later. Since this was the first bottle; I hadn't cleaned/sterilized any again, I got in over my head with this project. I decide to sanitize ALL the bottles and all of their parts.

7:50- AJ brings B downstairs because he needs to leave for work

He was just as shocked by the mess in the kitchen as I was....

A few last minute snuggles before daddy has to leave for work!

7:55- AJ leaves and I put B in the Rock N' Play so I can finish cleaning the kitchen and sanitizing 400 bottles (slight exaggeration, but with a lack of sleep it felt like that many)

8:00- Lil' B is a bit fussy and wants nothing to do with the Rock N' Play, so I get out my ring sling and "finish" up.

Still in my robe...

Here is my mess from the morning shenanigans...note to self, simple things like sanitizing bottles can turn into a full blown, very involved project when you have a fussy infant :)

B fell asleep...because ring slings are magical....

8:25- I head to the living room to soak up some sleepy baby snuggles and finish watching an episode of Shameless from yesterday.

*Since B has been born I don't think I have watched a full episode of a show from start to finish in one sitting...I either get distracted, have to feed him, or fall asleep #MomLife

8:50- I get up to get lil' man's first bottle ready! I'm feeling a bit nervous about introducing the bottle because I honestly love nursing and have this fear that he will prefer bottles to eating directly from the source....

First bottle was a...umm....success? There was lots of dribbles and most of the milk ended up on mommy and B :) No pictures because I haven't quite figured out how to multi-task with a baby in my arms...I will get there okay :)

After the bottle (only 1oz for his first try) I continue watching Shameless while nursing.

9:10- Nap time for B and shower for mommy

9:30- After my shower I check on little man and he is still sleeping so I head downstairs to throw in a load of laundry.

10:00- Still sleeping, so it's time for 2nd breakfast and some time for my book.

This little peanut never leaves my side nowadays...not sure if it's me she wants to be close to, or the baby? Maybe both?

10:30- B starts making noise and grunting (which is the universal "I'm getting hangry" sound) so I grab him, give him his vitamins (his pediatrician said breastfed babies need a vitamin D supplement), and then time to eat!

This is a pretty typical view from above...tiny little baby feet and Gracie keeping us company

About halfway through eating I take a break to burp B and he burps SO loud that Gracie literally jumps 2 feet into the air and then gives him a dirty look...I seriously couldn't stop laughing. I wish I had video evidence of this event!

11:05- My grandparents were in town for a doctor's appointment so they stopped by for a quick snuggles session. Great grandma has the touch because within just a few seconds lil' man was sound asleep in her arms.

11:35- My grandparents headed out and I decided to take advantage of a sleeping babe and get some more snuggles.

I could stare at/photograph this sweet face all day...and today I did just that :)

1:00- After an epic snuggle-sesh it's time to get up. I change his diaper and feed him...again! (Newborns eat ALL.THE.TIME-which I don't mind these days because it's an excuse for extra snugs!)

1:40- Bath time! Which I am not sure why I decided to take on this task today...This little guy hates being naked, hates being cold, and definitely hates baths! Today was my first attempt at bathing him alone...

Despite that grumpy looking face...he didn't hate it. I made sure to keep him wrapped up as much as possible and washed one small area at a time and used warmer water. This bath was a huge success because no one cried...not even mommy :)

I did get some dirty looks when we were done...

This is the face of a baby who still may not LOVE baths, but is willing to tolerate them for his mommy's sake :)

2:00- I get him dressed and ready for his weekly photo shoot (Along with monthly photos I am taking weekly photos to put together a book of Bennett's first year)

After pictures it's tummy time! We haven't quite got it figured out yet...I swear this kid just enjoys laying on his stomach and hanging out. He did manage to pick his head up once, but then decided it was too much work and laid right back down.

2:15- I pop B into his car seat so we can go for a walk.

Definitely one of my favorite parts of the day!

Benny likes walks too, although he usually sleeps through them :)
*Notice the furry little trouble maker in the basket below...she decided to be very uncooperative on this walk so she spent 90% of it it riding along instead of walking.

3:00- We get back from our walk and I realize I haven't eaten lunch yet, so I grab a small lunch and eat quickly before B wakes up ready to eat :) When I finish eating (in record time) I feed B.

3:25- Time for another nap (this kid can sleep!)

While he sleeps I take one last sweep through the kitchen and get everything put away and fold a load of laundry. The nap ends up being extra long so I read some more of my book. 

4:30- Daddy's home! We sit and visit for a few minutes before little man starts grunting and groaning...and warning us that the monster is about to be unleashed! AJ takes him upstairs to change his diaper so I can feed him. 

5:00- Our friend Josh shows up and we visit for a few minutes waiting for AJ to finish changing B's diaper. 

5:10- Grammy shows up for a quick visit (she was down the street helping my brother paint) and we head upstairs so I can feed B. AJ and Josh hang out in the living room. 

5:30- Done eating and I head downstairs and Lindsey and Jess have shown up (they all were coming over to meet B and make us dinner) 

**At this point I got caught up in visiting and hanging out and I forgot to take any pictures...I'll do better next time :) #IAlwaysSayThat

6:45- B needs to eat again, so I head upstairs feed him while everyone finishes up making dinner (homemade mini pizzas) 

7:00- Time to eat! B is not cooperating and needs to be held while I eat...good thing I have almost figured out eating with one hand :) 

7:45- Everyone leaves and B is acting like he needs to eat again, so we decide we will start our bedtime routine early. I feed him, change his diaper, put on his nighttime lotion and read him a book.

8:15- He is asleep so we lay him down in his crib, grab the monitor, and head down to the family room to eat some ice cream and watch the Royals. 

Little Man must have been feeling left out because no sooner did we get comfortable he started screaming his head off...I went upstairs and got him and grabbed a 1oz bottle and had AJ feed him. He scarfed that down in seconds (a much less messy experience this time around)  so he must have been REALLY hungry.

9:15- After the bottle he still wasn't happy so I took him upstairs to try "bedtime" again. He ate again for almost 20 minutes (growth spurt anyone?) and finally he crashed HARD! Sound asleep!! I laid him in his crib and he didn't make a peep! 

10:00- As I walked out of his room I said a tiny prayer for a long stretch of sleep...

Spoiler alert...he was up again at 11:40 and then every hour to hour an a half after that to eat #LifeWithBenny #TeamNoSleep


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