Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life With Benny: 2 Months

How can it be sweet boy, that you are already 2 months old!? The days have just flown by, and the changes you have made in the last month are remarkable! Your little personality is starting to shine through and you just seem to get more fun by the day. I often find myself torn between wanting time to stand still and looking forward to these new stages that are to come.

Height: 23" (46%)
Weight: 11lbs 5 oz (37%)
Head: 15.5" (32%)


We are officially in size 1's and they are finally fitting comfortably. We finished up our box of newborns about 2 weeks ago and while the 1's were a little big for a week or so lil' man is growing like a weed and they fit perfectly now.

This month we also learned that we are definitely a Pampers Swaddlers family...we tried some other diapers that we had received as gifts and after a few leaks and blow-outs with other diapers we won't be using anything else. #TeamPampers


I packed away all of his newborn clothes...and I am proud to say that zero tears were shed. Yes, I am sad that he is growing, but also so excited to transition to the 0-3 month clothes because he has so many more and they are so cute! We did go through a stage where newborn clothing was a little small, but the 0-3 was still too big in pants...so he went without pants for a week or so :)


He is eating every 2 1/2-3 hours for about 10 minutes at a time. I was a little concerned that he wasn't eating long enough...but his doctor said that since he is gaining weight and is satisfied for 2-3 hours he is getting plenty, and that he is just an efficient eater.

We introduced bottles last month and have been pretty consistently giving him at least one bottle a day. Most days it's just a 1oz bottle with his probiotics and then when he finishes that I nurse him, so I can avoid pumping.

There have only been a few instances where he eats from the bottle exclusively and that is only if I am gone for more than 3 hours...and let's be honest that has only been one or two times...otherwise mommy likes to be selfish and soak up the extra snuggles! I know breast-feeding isn't for everyone...but for me it's something that I enjoy and I treasure those precious moments with my boy...even in the middle of the night :)


While he is still rather unpredictable in this department it has been a MUCH better month. He is now exclusively sleeping in his own space!! No more sleeping on mommy and daddy's chests and I no longer have to pull the bassinet up next to the bed and rock it while begging and pleading for him to fall back asleep :)

For the most part he is sleeping 3-4 hour stretches and mommy and daddy feel like they are getting SO much sleep ;) My favorite nights have been when he only wakes up once...last week he went down at 9:15 and woke up at 2AM to eat and then slept again until almost 5AM! This was the ultimate celebration because not only did I get some quality sleep, but I was able to get him back down to sleep so I could go for an early morning run! When I got back he was still sleeping and stayed sleeping until I got done showering and getting cleaned up. This is a schedule I could get on board with.

**Sleep has definitely been the hardest part of the whole parenting thing thus far. I know all babies are different, but it's so hard not to feel like a failure when your baby isn't sleeping well. There were many nights this month that renewed my spirit...and several where I felt defeated and like I was failing at this whole mom thing! My goal for this next month is to go easier on myself :)


This month he became so much more interactive. He makes eye contact and will track objects...one night he couldn't take his eyes off my ice cream and he followed it everywhere I moved it. #DefinitelyMyKid

He is smiling and cooing (mostly at his mommy), which damn near makes my heart explode every time. His first smile came on the heels of a rough night of sleep and it was luckily a Saturday morning when daddy was home. We were all 3 sitting in bed just chatting when he flashed us that cute little grin. I am not ashamed to say that I teared up.
Tummy time is still not his priority, but he is getting better at holding his head up. He is a champ at holding up his head and looking around when we are holding him...and he LOVES standing up in our laps. He is a very curious little guy and wants to look around at everything!


Snuggles, snuggles, and more snuggles...although he is giving me a bit of break and is doing better with being put down. He had a clingy couple of weeks, but he will now sit in his bouncy chair or Rock n' Play for longer periods of time now, although he would prefer to lay on his activity mat. He is enthralled with those silly little animals and the music...AJ and I even have favorite tunes :)

He wasn't a huge fan of baths at first, but now I would have to say they might be one of his favorite things. I have found that when he is fussy or unsettled, that if I put him in the bath he calms right down. One day I gave him a bath and he lost it when I took him out...he has come along way :)

This kid is just like his daddy and he LOVES music! I pretty much have music on all day and he loves when I sing to him...it's a sure fire way to get smiles and coos out of him. He also loves laying on the floor and "dancing" with a little help from mommy :) Dance parties are another favorite, although 99.9% of the time they put him right to sleep!


Waiting to eat...he's a hangry lil' guy ;)

His car seat...he does NOT like being strapped down and while he is okay if the car is moving...watch out if you stop at a stop-light.

 The sound of a soda can opening. He doesn't mind them  when he is awake, but if he is asleep...this is a sure fire way to wake up him. I swear this kid can hear them from a mile away. For now you can find us downstairs in the laundry room opening our sodas ;)

Month Two Highlights

This month was once again filled with lots and lots of snuggles...

Smiles on smiles on smiles...although these are tough to catch on camera...



A cat nap or two...










A public embarrassment...which will always be known as #TheSushiTrainCatastrophe


His first Mother's Day...

An afternoon at the shop with Grammy and Poppy...

His first micro-brew fest

Tummy Time...

A visit to mommy's school..


Morning Naps out in the sun room with mommy...


An internal struggle...does he like sun room naps or no?


and tons of sweet little moments...


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