Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life With Benny: A Day in the Life (7 weeks old)

I have a confession...I attempted to do this last week. I kept track of everything via pictures and on a note in my phone....well, then life happened and by the time I sat down and tried to recount the events from our day...I couldn't. #MomBrainIsReal

In a race against time this morning (baby is still sleeping #PraiseJesusEmoji) I am going to attempt to recount the events from yesterday. #HopefullyICanRemember ;) 

**Edited to add that lil' man woke up right after I got the photos uploaded...but my assistant sat patiently in his chair while I finished :) 

Alright, here goes...

A Day in the Life, May 17, 2017 

6:15 AM- Wake up, quick diaper change, and back to mommy and daddy's bed to eat. For these early morning nursing sessions I like to bring him into bed and lay in bed together so we can both fall back asleep. However, his diaper ended up leaking while I was feeding him (we received some Pampers baby drys as a gift...and let's just say they are far from "dry") so another diaper change was in order.

6:30-Diaper changed and back in bed. I had high hopes that he would fall back asleep so I could get a few more hours myself...but lil' man had other plans :)

Since he didn't want to go back to sleep we hung out in bed for a few more minutes and just chatted about life and I complimented him on a good night sleep. While he still isn't sleeping longer than 3-4 hours at a time he is sleeping in his own space consistently and going back down after his middle of the night feedings MUCH easier than before. (I hope that saying this out loud doesn't jinx us!) 

6:45- Time for Breakfast! Benny goes in his Boppy Lounger to listen to music and help mommy make breakfast...

 Daddy is working from home today, so mommy makes breakfast burritos. 

Little man was very content in his Boppy Lounger listening to Nelly and Usher :) 

My view from breakfast... 

7:15-Breakfast is over and it's time for a family dance party...except lil' B couldn't hang ;) 

7:30- B is asleep so I take advantage of the snuggles and head out to the sun-room to read

8:55- After a killer nap, B wakes up...and then promptly falls back asleep. This is exactly how I feel when I wake up and know I don't have to get up and get to go back to sleep :) 

9:05-Finally he decides he really does want to wake up, so we head upstairs to change his diaper. He is smiling and cooing at his picture on the wall. I yell for AJ to grab my camera and come see...the smiles stop #OfCourse

9:15 AM: I head downstairs to feed him and watch last nights' episode of  RHONY #DontJudge #ILoveTrashTV

9:25: Apparently eating had lil' man extra relaxed because he filled his upstairs to change his diaper again :) 

9:30AM:  We head to the living room for some time on his play mat. He seriously LOVES this thing and it's been so fun to see him get more interested in the animals as the weeks have gone by.  He is now looking at them and cooing and even batting his hands at them. The monkey is his new favorite.

9:55 AM: Mommy and B load up to head to the library to return a book and stop by Walgreens to pick up eye drops and mommy's prescription. Of course (like usual) the prescription was sent to the wrong we wait...patiently ;) 

10:45-We get home...and not a minute too soon. Meltdown has begun...he wants out of his car seat, NOW! 

10:50- Another diaper change and we stop in the office to chat with daddy. 

10:55- Downstairs to eat again

11:10- He falls asleep while I am burping him so I take advantage of the cuddles (I can't get enough!)  and finish the episode of RHONY that we started earlier that morning. Watching a TV show all the way through in one sitting is overrated :) 

11:45- I decide it's time to be productive and I take him upstairs to sleep in his pack n' play and change into my workout clothes. 

11:50- I do a quick Beachbody On Demand workout which nearly kills me! It's been awhile since I have gotten my heart rate up like this...and while it's hard it feels SO good! 

12:25- Still asleep so I hope in the shower

12:45- Lil' man is extra tired and still sleeping so I take advantage of the extra time and do some laundry. I fold a load, switch a load from washer to the dryer, and put in another load. 

1:00- I then warm up some leftovers for lunch...I hear B grunting and groaning which is a sure sign he is waking up so I eat very quickly! 

1:10- I finish my lunch in record time and he is still I putter around and pick up around the house. 

1:20- Lil' man wakes up and I change his diaper. 

1:25- I head downstairs to feed him and watch an episode of Fixer Upper

1:40- B finishes eating so we go upstairs to bug daddy...don't worry he doesn't mind. 

A little family tummy time :) 

He is still not super interested in it...he is holding his head up like a champ when we hold him, but during tummy time he would much rather kick his legs like crazy and scoot himself across the floor. He is a mover and a shaker that is for sure! 

2:00- We let daddy get back to work and head downstairs to hang out and chat. He is smiling and cooing like crazy and of course the minute I get my camera out he is Mr. Serious...

2:20- He starts to get a little fussy and lets me know he is sleepy! We cuddle for a few minutes and he is out! Again, I can't help myself I settle in on the couch for some snuggles and finish watching the episode of Fixer Upper we started earlier. 
3:00- I put B in his Rock n' Play and head upstairs to grab a snack. This banana bread cake Ann made is TO.DIE.FOR! That frosting...

3:10- I head back downstairs to find little man wide awake and happy as can be. I eat my snack and we have a little chat filled with lots of smiles! I send daddy this picture and he runs downstairs to see it in person...and the smiles stop #LittleStinker

3:30- Another diaper change and the good mood continues. He is laughing and cooing at the picture above his changing table. 

3:40- Time to eat 

4:00- You guessed it...a diaper surprise again! Nursing sure relaxes those bowels :) 

4:10- He starts to get fussy so of course we snuggle up and he falls asleep. 

5:15- I lay him down so I can get some more laundry done. I just as soon get out of the room and he wakes up...#OyVey

5:20- I take B to the kitchen to sit in his bouncy chair and watch daddy cook and he is having NONE of it. He is VERY fussy so I take him upstairs to eat again. #ClusterFeedingAnyone

5:45- After he is done eating I take him to change his diaper and I can tell he is extra uncomfortable and gassy so I use one of the Windi's (life-changing) to see if that will help relieve some of the pain. Not only did it work to relieve his gas...but it caused a Poonami! I yell for daddy to help me get cleaned up because there is literally poop EVERYWHERE. 

6:00- I change B's clothes and take him back downstairs. He is now happy as a clam sitting in the kitchen with daddy while mommy finishes up laundry.

6:35- Dinner is ready and B joins us at the table in his Rock n' Play. I am hoping that he will fall asleep...but nope, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

7:00 After dinner is cleaned up we head out to the back patio for some fresh air. 

7:15- I feed B while we watch the Sporting Game on the iPad and he falls asleep

7:50- It is a little too windy so we decide to come inside and on our way in lil' guy decides he isn't tired anymore #EvenThoughHeIs

8:00- B hangs out in his Boppy lounger for a bit...and then gets fussy #CauseHesTired #ButWontSleep

 8:20- Daddy takes him upstairs to change his diaper and get him into his jammies. All the while he is screaming his head off - B, not daddy :) He is exhausted at this point and we can't get him to calm down so I grab a 1 oz bottle from the fridge thinking that will help calm him down enough to fall asleep.

 8:30- After scarfing down his 1 oz bottle he is not pleased so mommy feeds him. Once he is finished he is still so unsettled and won't relax so we decide to go upstairs and I rock him to sleep.

9:15- After an epic battle of the strong willed baby he FINALLY falls asleep...and when I say falls asleep he went from crying to sound asleep in a half a second. He was so darn tired. It doesn't happen every evening...but lil' man definitely has a witching hour where he fights sleep and just isn't happy. 

After he falls asleep I put him in the Pack n' Play and he doesn't move a muscle...notice his hands are still up in the air...

I was hoping that because he ate so much during the evening and he fought sleep for so long that he would reward us with a longer stretch of sleep (and possibly break his 5 hour record) but nope...he was back up at 11:45 PM to eat...and then again at 3:00 AM...and again at 5:30AM. 

His sleeping has definitely improved in the last month (he eats and goes right back down to sleep in his pack n' play) but we are still hoping longer stretches of sleep are headed our way!


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