Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life With Benny: Newborn Photos

That moment when you find a photographer is who is beyond good at her job and spends 3 hours with you to make sure you get the PERFECT photos!

Thank you Plank Photography for going above and beyond and exceeding our expectations! We will treasure these photos FOREVER!

We were given instructions to feed lil' man right before we left the house so he would be nice and drowsy...and while he slept wonderfully in the car ride, the minute we got there he was wide awake...and while he wasn't following directions, I am so glad we got this shot. I mean...those eyes <3 They get me every time!

This one is hands down my favorite photo! He is so squishy and delicious!

This was the prop/set up that I first saw on Angie's website and fell in love with. I asked her to recreate it for us and it couldn't have turned out better! We got a large print of this framed to hang up in our house.
This one makes me laugh...those pants! Lol!
This picture is SO very special to me. When we were little my brother and I each had one of these Tonka trucks and we spent ours playing with them. We would sit in the bed of the truck and cruise around in the unfinished basement. These trucks originally belonged to my that makes it all the more special!

Benny made us work for this the process of setting it up he pooped in my hands and all over daddy's guitar. I would say in the end it was worth all the crap ;)

My boys <3
I love my little family SO much!
I will forever treasure this photo with my sweet boy <3
This photo makes me laugh...when we received our pictures I emailed Angie asking if she possibly had a shot where B's eyes were all the way closed. She said that unfortunately she didn't...the little stinker had pirate eye in all of them. She then told me that she had edited this one a bit to close his eyes a little more, but couldn't edit any further or he looked deformed #Yikes
Love <3
Not only did our photos turn out better than we could have hoped for, but we had a great time during our session. I was a little stressed going into it...because babies are unpredictable...and what if he didn't cooperate...however, minutes after arriving Angie put my mind at ease and did her magic! Lil' guy was super cooperative (after he finally fell asleep) and we had so much fun!


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