Monday, May 1, 2017

Life With Benny: One Month

 Oh sweet boy, this first month of your life has flown by in the blink of an eye! You have filled these last 31 days with so much love...and so very little sleep ;)

Height: 21" (23%)
Weight: 8lbs 12 oz (22%)
Head: 15" (23%)


Still in newborns, and they are fitting much better than they were at first...I would even venture to say they are getting a little snug. We were getting close to running out and considered making the switch to size 1's but they swallowed him up! We ended up buying another box of newborns and will likely move onto the size 1's when those run out.


Still comfortably wearing newborn clothing, although he has a few sleepers that are getting a little short. I have pulled out a few 0-3 month outfits thinking they will fit, but they still look huge. I have a feeling we have a few more weeks until he can wear those.


This kid loves to eat and when he is ready to eat I better be quick about it...getting "hangry" must be genetic :) Luckily, we both got the hang of nursing really quickly and it's been pretty smooth sailing. He pretty consistently eats every 2 hours or so...even at night #OyVey

Since nursing was going so well we decided to introduce a bottle around 3 weeks (knowing he would need to be willing to take a bottle when I go back to work in August AND so daddy could get in on some of that special boding time) His first bottle was a little messy, but once he figured it out it was smooth sailing!


Sleep is a hot commodity around here and we haven't been getting much of it. He is still eating every 1 1/2-2 hours which means he is waking up just as frequently. On top of waking up frequently he tends to scream during his nighttime diaper changes and isn't the biggest fan of sleeping on his own...his favorite spot is mommy or daddy's chest. 

We spent the last month trying EVERYSINGLETHING under the sun...swaddle, no swaddle, pack n play, crib, rock n' play, back to the pack n' get the idea. The tricky part is we would have nights when it seemed like we found the winning combination (he slept in his crib pretty well for about 4 nights) and then a switch would flip and he would decide that wasn't working for him any more.

I  have a good feeling about this next month though...I'm sure we will find the winning combination #IHope #SoTired #TeamNoSleep


He changed and grew SO much this month! He has started making eye-contact with us and focusing in on objects (mostly the giraffe on his play mat) We started doing tummy time daily, and he picks his head up and moves it from side to side, but I would say his legs get the most workout...those little things NEVER stop moving. One of the days when we laid him on his play mat for tummy time he was kicking so much he rolled himself over from front to back! Those legs of his are definitely made for running :)


He loves snuggling and laying on mommy or daddy's chest. When he isn't getting snuggled (which isn't often if we are being honest) he loves hanging out in his rock n' play, Boppy lounger, and his safari activity mat. 


Lil' man is not a fan of being hungry, diaper changes, or being naked! Baths were a little tricky at first, but I would say he tolerating them (and possibly even enjoying them) a little more now. 
He is also not a huge fan of his car seat...until it's in the car and moving!

Month One Highlights

This month Bennett...

Made us a mommy and daddy :) 

Met his Grammy and Poppy

Met his Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Had his first professional photo shoot...

Took his first ride in his car seat (he was much calmer about it than his parents)

Met his big cousin Finley...

Was a rock star at his first doctor's appointment...

Snuggled great grandma...

and great grandpa...

Watched his first Royals' game...unfortunately, it is not looking like he is going to be their good luck charm this year...

and this is how Benny feels about that...

Decided swaddling wasn't for him...

Spent lots of quality time with his favorite furry friend...

Attended his first girl's dinner at exactly one week old :)

Spent even more time with Gracie...#SheWontLeaveHimAlone

Got his first bath...which was traumatizing for all parties involved...

Went on several walks...

Peed on mommy and daddy...a few dozen times...

Made his first trip to a bar with the family (Fred P. Otts) at only 9 days old...

Decided he ouldn't get enough so we also went to The Other Place...

Tried out tummy time...and found it to be a little boring ;)

Decided baby wearing was for him...mommy doesn't hate it either :)

Shat on his daddy...and his Easter outfit :)

Celebrated Easter at Grammy and Poppy's...

Decided he wanted to sleep in his crib...luckily (for mommy) that only lasted a few nights...he is now back in the pack n' play next to mommy and daddy's bed #ThankGoodness

Cheered mommy on during her workouts...

Spent a few mornings working with daddy in the office (so mommy could sleep) He made sure to wear his Vital Farms uniform #FreshlyHatchedAndReadyToRoll

Enjoyed a few surprise visits from Poppy! We sure love that the shop is so close to our house!

Boycotted sleep for a whole weekend...

Enjoyed tummy time with Gracie...although Gracie doesn't quite understand how it works ;)

And finally, he decided that since he was one whole month old it was time to grow a mustache :) 

Oh boy! What a month it's been! Being first time parents hasn't been easy...but it's been more than worth it! This little guy has added so much love to our lives and we can't wait for all the adventures headed our way! Bring on month 2...and hopefully a little more sleep ;)


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