Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life Lately: May

May came and went in the blink of an eye...seriously, why does this keep happening?!

I did a little bit better of a job this month taking pictures...but honestly, now that there is a cute little baby to take pictures of...all other pictures just kind of fall to the wayside :)

May was a pretty good month, I would say we are beginning to get into a groove with this whole new parent thing. Lil' B has been such a wonderful addition to our family...but he is still a bit unpredictable which keeps us on our toes. We are sleeping more...not a lot...but SO much more than we were in April so we were able to be a bit more social :)

Lil' B is a dream when we take him places...he loves, loves, loves being around people. He enjoys being held and loved on...and when we are hanging out with friends and family there is no shortage of snuggles and love!

This month...

We enjoyed the perfect spring weather out in the sunroom

 Made another trip to Sushi Train #CantStopWontStop

Benny wasn't a we took our first official walk of shame out of a restaurant ;)

Daddy and Benny took plenty of naps together <3

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day with 2 of the best mom's I know :)

It was the PERFECT day <3

I think I have mentioned this before...but I love, love, love that the Walter's and the Smith's spend the holidays all together so we don't have to split our time between families. This is especially important now with Bennett.

Lil' B loves being we reluctantly agreed to spend more time outside ;) 

Lil' B also loves snuggles with Daddy :)

We had our very first date night! We went to Olive Garden for dinner (and wine) and then headed over to Carters/OshKosh to do some shopping ;) While this night was much needed...we were definitely happy to get back to our little guy.

 We went to the 2nd annual Deffer Micro Brewfest

Thanks to his Uncle Brian, Benny had the PERFECT shirt for the occasion :)

We celebrated our friend Erica's graduation, and Benny got to meet his new buddy Maren....I think they were both equally smitten <3

And finally...we celebrated Memorial Day just the 3 of us and it was absolutely perfect.

Dinner and Royals on the patio

Lil' man was a perfect angel ALL DAY!

I enjoyed my favorite summer brew...

The best dinner...

and as always the classiest of desserts ;)


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