Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life with Benny: A day in the Life (10 weeks)

I almost skipped this post this week because it seems like every time I do one we have a shit-show of a day and we've had a really great week, so I was a little nervous to ruin our streak #ImSuperstitious 

However, B slept great AGAIN last night and I got in a run before he woke up for the can a day can go awry when it starts so perfectly?

June 7th, 2017

5:30 AM- I wake up and hear B sucking on his hands and making whining noises...someone is hungry! I grab him, change his diaper, and bring him back to bed to eat. 

When he finishes eating I soak up some extra snuggles while looking at my phone. I decide that since he slept so well...and it's National Running Day...I am going to go for a run :) 

6:00- I get up and get dressed for my run and head out the door. My legs feel heavy and I am just not feeling it so I cut my run short and come home. 

6:35- B is still asleep so I jump in the shower

6:45- I get out of the shower and I can hear him babbling to himself.

He is in a great mood so he just hangs out while I finish getting dried off and dressed.

7:00- We head downstairs and B hangs out while I load and run the dishwasher and make breakfast. We take a few breaks to sing and skills always seem to get him smiling and laughing ;) 

Our morning singing/dancing sessions are my absolute favorite. He is in such a good mood first thing in the morning and I get SO many smiles and giggles...none that I can catch on camera of course ;)

7:20- I take him upstairs to change his booty and get him dressed. 

 In the last month he has gone from full on screaming during a diaper change to lots of smiles and giggles #ThankGoodness
But of smiles were caught on camera this morning ;) 

 Afterwards I put him in his bouncy chair in our room and he watches me blow-dry my hair. He is just as happy as can be. 

7:40- We stop by daddy's office to say good-morning

 It's very serious business ;) 

Daddy wants kisses...

And Benny just wants to know why mommy is taking so many pictures ;) 

7:45- I make myself some green tea, grab Benny's bottle (1 oz with his probiotics and reflux meds) and head downstairs to feed him. 

7:50- He scarfs down his bottle and then I nurse him 

8:00- I snuggle him up in a blanket and rock him to sleep while watching the Bachelor

He is extra restless this morning so it takes a little longer than normal...

But once he's out...he's OUT! 

10:00- I finish up The Bachelorette and he is still sleeping so I start another show

10:25- The monster awakens...and he is HUNGRY! (His shirt was very appropriate for today)

Don't worry, I only made him suffer for a few seconds so I could snap some pictures ;)

10:35- He is done eating so we head upstairs and I change his diaper and we talk and laugh

 This was the best I could do to catch a smile...#NotHisBestAngle #AllTheChins

10:40- We head to the living room to play (and take pictures of course!)

The many faces of Benny....

This is what happens when you are desperate to catch a smile on camera #1MillionPhotos

Lil' man has been extra interested in himself lately so I bring a mirror to the living room so he can look at himself...I would say he was rather impressed ;)

*Pictures are blurry because it's hard to hold a wobbly baby upright and take photos :) 

11:05- I put B on his play mat so I can clean up around the house

11:15- He decides he is lonely and doesn't want to be on his play-mat anymore so I grab him and he looks awfully tired so we head upstairs to change his booty and put him in his new sleep sack. We are trying it out for the first time today (he is finally big enough for it) and I want to try it at nap before we make the switch at bedtime.

11:30- He is swaddled and fast asleep so I lay him so carefully in his crib (we haven't transitioned to the crib yet, so I am hoping to get him used to it with a few naps here and there) I tried the swaddle with one hand out because he HATES being swaddled, but has a terrible startle reflex. 

He stays asleep #Success so I start packing for our trip to Minnesota

12:00- An obnoxiously loud truck drives back in forth in front of our house no less than 6 times and wakes him up...I go in and try to give him a binky and then rock him back to sleep....but it doesn't work. He is extra gassy so I give him a tummy massage and do bicycle legs.

12:20-I bring him downstairs and lay him on his play mat so I can fry up some hamburger for dinner tonight (AJ had laid it out and given me strict instructions to cook it before 1:00PM)

12:30- He starts to get antsy on his play mat so I bring him into the kitchen to sit in his bouncy chair and he is happy as a clam watching mommy cook, unload the dishwasher, and clean pump parts.

12:55- It's time to eat

When he finishes eating I rock him until he is asleep and then I put him down in the Mamaroo...I considered trying the crib again, but I have things to do and he needs a good nap so he isn't too cranky tonight so I stick with the tried and true. He has plenty of time to sleep in his crib later ;) 

1:20- He is sound asleep so I head to the kitchen and warm up some leftovers for lunch and get on the computer and upload the pictures I have taken thus far and start this post.

2:00 I grab some dessert and start packing B's things for Minnesota

2:40- I check on B and since he is in his swaddle I couldn't strap him into the Mamaroo and he has scooted his way to the very bottom so I carefully pick him up and put him in his crib...

It works!! I continue packing, getting the camera charged, and downloading pictures from my phone to free up space. 

3:40- I hear lil' man starting to wake up so I head into his room. 

 I undo his swaddle...

and he is all smiles! 

Seriously, since starting his reflux medicine he wakes up so much happier (no more screaming!!) I was hesitant to give him meds, but his doctor said to give it a week and see how it goes...and within days he seemed so much happier and more I guess that makes the decision to keep with the meds an easy one.

3:45- I change his diaper and take him downstairs to play

He seems a little restless...and then I figure out why...he has a little present in his diaper for me...ICK! After changing his diaper we go back downstairs for some more playing and tummy time.

4:30- He is getting a little heavy eyed so we head downstairs for snuggles and a nap. He falls asleep within seconds and I decide I want to enjoy these snuggles so I turn on the TV and sit with him on the couch.

5:30- Daddy gets home and I need to run to Target for some last minute things for our trip. I ask him if he wants me to put him down or if he wants to get in on some sleepy snuggles...he chooses snuggles of course :)

5:45- I head to Target, and do so in a hurry because I know it's only a matter of time before he wakes up ready to eat!

6:15- I get  home and Daddy and B are playing...AJ said that he woke up and was pretty upset so he had thawed out a pouch of breastmilk, but was able to calm him down and hold him off until I got home. I grab B and head to the living room to feed him and chat with AJ.

6:50- Bath time!

While no one (not even mommy and daddy) enjoyed bath time at has easily become one of our favorite things. 

7:10- We get him out of the bath, dried off, and into his jammies. AJ gives him a 1 oz bottle with his reflux meds and I head downstairs to cook dinner. 

7:25- I can hear B crying his "I'm so hungry" cry so I head up stairs and feed him while AJ comes down to finish up dinner. Usually the 1 oz bottle is plenty...especially because I had just fed him...but he was extra hungry this evening and he calms down immediately when he gets his food :) 

8:00- B is fed and fast asleep so I head downstairs for dinner 
(we eat much later than normal nowadays)

 We have dinner down in the family room while watching an episode of The Challenge-Champs vs Pros (yes...we are cool)

**Having time to ourselves in the evening is new for us...up until the last week bedtime was around 9:30 or 10:00...but lil' man has been crashing earlier this week which has given us some much needed downtime in the evenings to spend together.

9:10- We head upstairs to clean up dinner, let Gracie out, and get ready for bed.

9:25- We are in bed lights out...AJ spends some time on his phone and I crash immediately :)

**I was worried that doing a "Day in the Life" post would make for a chaotic day...but luckily it was pretty chill. Nothing too exciting, but a wonderful day nonetheless. Every day Bennett gets to be a little more fun, and while time does seem to be going a little too fast I am certainly enjoying him more now that he is more interactive.


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