Thursday, June 22, 2017

Life with Benny: Father's Day

This past weekend we celebrated all our favorite dads...

Benny and I are pretty lucky to have all these great guys in our life. 

Since it was AJ's first Father's Day we went out and bought him the manliest of dad gifts...a smoker :) He has wanted one for years, but we just never pulled the trigger. We were hosting Father's Day lunch at our house, so we figured this was as good a time as any to buy one. 

 Saturday morning started bright and early for my guys...

They started smoking the ribs and pork while I went for a run...

Benny even had a special outfit for the occasion
Lunch may have taken a little longer to cook than planned...but no one starved and we enjoyed the time with our families.

Poppy got lots of Benny snuggles


Gracie got some exercise...

 Benny wasn't completely convinced that daddy is as cool and rad as he is ;)

 And while the pork may have taken longer to cook than planned, the ribs were delicious! 

Tender enough for even Benny to enjoy ;) 

**I feel I should probably insert a disclaimer here...please do not worry, I did not feed my 11 week old dad wiped some sauce on his face to be funny...none was babies were harmed...please don't call CPS on me ;) 

Family was in town for California so family photos were a must...

What a wonderful day it was!


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