Sunday, June 4, 2017

Life With Benny: Sporting KC

Yesterday we took Lil' B to his very first Sporting KC game :) 

It was an afternoon game so on our way, we stopped at Kansas Sampler and grabbed him a cute little SKC hat to block the sun...

but he has a little peanut head so it didn't fit and we just draped the hat we already had for him over his head. He will grow into his SKC hat someday...I hope! 

We were given the tickets by our friends John and Kelly, so we met up with them before the game for some wild tailgating ;) #BennySlept #MamaDrankWater

It was pretty warm out...and LOTS louder than I remembered (everything seems MUCH louder with an infant) but we got to our seats and Lil B was sleeping like a champ! 

Having him in the ring sling got kind of warm for me, so I worried about him getting too hot...I unwrapped him thinking it would immediately wake him up...NOPE! Still sleeping :) 

Around the 35th minute it was time for him to eat so we were directed to the First Aid station where I could feed him in privacy (and a/c!) The best part of feeding him in the first aid station was the little girl who was brought in because she was "over-heated" I couldn't help but chuckle listening to her talk to her mom (I can laugh because she was fine, just a little dramatic)- She asked her mom no less than 5 times if she was going to have to go to the hospital...I could hear her mom holding back a laugh each time she reassured her that she was just fine...I mean it was like 80 degrees outside #KidsTheseDays

After he finished eating we headed over to sit with John and Kelly because there were tons of empty seats near them. (they were GREAT seats by the way!)

B was awake so we attempted to get a photo...

I mean...

I swear he was happier than he looks ;) 

No more pictures! 

It was a comical experience ;)

This next sequence of pictures makes me giggle...

I mean...get it together Benny ;) 

We then switched to the tried and true selfie...

Benny is not amused ;)

He would rather watch the game...despite the previous pictures he was very into watching the players on the field....future soccer player perhaps?

This was the best we could do ;) 

We only ended up sitting with John and Kelly for about 20 minutes because for some reason the speakers were extra loud in that area of the stadium and B was not having any of mommy was we headed up to the top where there was a much better breeze and less noise and finished most of the game there. B promptly fell back asleep and didn't wake up until we got back to the car. 

I expected him to be cranky and irritable on the ride home (because he hates his car seat on a good day) but he was all smiles, and kicks! His little feet didn't stop moving the whole way home...I think he was practicing his soccer kicks :)


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